Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I'm Bringing Boca Back

This look is straight up Boca Retirement Home Chic. Seriously. The pattern on that jacket? The green maxi? The blue ball bracelet (tee hee)????

No matter - I like it, and besides, it's what Stacy and Clinton fear most - COMFORTABLE. The only problem with it is that the longer this dress hangs in my closet, the longer it gets. Seriously. I am wearing my Jessica Simpson Dany's with it, and they are 5-inchers, peeps. And it's STILL dragging on the ground.

And apparently also needs to be ironed at the bottom, but as ironing is against my religion except in Extreme Cases, alas, twas not meant to be.

Speaking of weird religions, has anyone else seen Martha Marcy May Marlene? What. Da. HAIL??? The Hubs and I watched it last night, and the end? ARE YOU SERIOUS?????

I would love to hear your thoughts on it if you've seen it (sans spoilers, of course, in case any of  the viewing public is planning on watching). Did I read somewhere it was based on a true story? I thought Elizabeth Olsen did a great job, John Hawkes was completely CREEPY, and Hugh Dancy was DREAMY. Anyhoozle - let's discuss. Here's a topic - the Partridge Family were neither partridges NOR a family - DISCUSS. It'll be like BUTTAH.

Jacket: ModCloth (fanks, Amy)
Dress: Old Navy
Shoes: J Simpson
Bracelet: ????



Maegan Tintari said...

lol... Fantastic jacket!