Monday, April 16, 2012

Choose Russe

Sometimes Charlotte Russe can be a little bit ghetto fabulous, but more often than not, they have CUTE shoesies. I can always find a pair or eleven on their website. I think we can all see my running theme through the shoes below - neon yellow. Especially with a trend like neon that I will be sick of in a year, I have no problem spending moo-lah on a cheaper pair of shoes, and if Charlotte Russe wants to give me another pair at $15.50, so much the better.

Pleated yellow pumps? Adorbs.

Neon pink wood-block wedges are supah fly TNT.

Cutie booties.

LOVE these Joie knock-offs. Tres Coachella.

What's that, Charlotte Russe? You want to offer me some neon soled oxfords for $28.50? Don't mind if I do...

And I'll take a pair of yellow mocs while I'm at it.

Um, yellow neon pink cork wedges. How YOU doin?

Why don't you and your friend above come spend the night?

Yup, you can come too.

Well lookie there...MORE cutie booties.

Happy Monday, yo!