Wednesday, March 21, 2012

This and That

My sister and her family have lived in Germany for the past 3 years due to my brother-in-law's job. This May, they will FINALLY move back to the States (yay - it's about damn time)!!!

Unfortch, they'll be in Maryland, but I won't complain too much, since they'll at least be back on the same continent.

The other day, my niece Jilly, who is about to turn 5, said to my sis, "So, tell me about this 'America,'" (quotes my own). It's the word "THIS" that makes the story for me. Not just, "Tell me about America, mom" from a kid who hasn't spent too much of her life here. Nope, not for Jilly Bean. Tell me about THIS America, like she was about to say, "Let's grab some coffee and chat, and you can tell me about this "AMERICA."

For the love of Erik Estrada, I MISS my sis and her family. Cannot WAIT to see them again this summer. Woo hooooooo!!!!

Which brings me to something else I can't wait for - THE HUNGER GAMES MOVIE, bay-beeee. Awwww yeah. Already have tickets to see it Friday with a group of friends and family (matinee, cuz I am OLD). But still. Tonight, The Hubs said, "What's the name of that movie we're seeing again? Hungry Games?" Ummmm, nooooo, but you're close. Anyone else STOKED to see it? Puh-leeze tell me I'm not the ONLY old person who is excited about it.

Jacket: The Limited
Blouse, Pants: Old Navy
Necklace, Earrings: F21
Shoes: Victoria's Secret



Kiki said...

Oh my gosh! Luuuurve this look on you!
Been reading your blog for forever and think that you are so funny and pretty, and fashionable! When I grow up I want to be just like you! (This is funny cause I'm pretty sure I could be your tres stylish older mom) I will stop now since I sound a tad creepy :)

MerciBlahBlah said...

Kiki - creepy or not, you totally just made my morning!! Glad you're here and enjoying yourself - thank you so much for your comment!!

Jenny @ Spry On The Wall said...

Totally want to see the movie, it was filmed in NC near where my Mom lives up in the mountains ( and the city scenes in Charlotte). My best friend lives in the mountains too and last year when they were filming her 12 year old son begged her to let him be an extra, (she was all, you aren't missing school for that)! LOL. Anyway, my hubby has not a clue what the book is even about. I may have to sneak out during the day when I'm not working and go see it.

Amy Moore said...

Okay. Stop. it. now. You look adorable!! I have that belt and you just showed me how to wear it. Color blockin queen!!


oomph. said...

k, i totally have this shirt and wore mine with a pink skirt, lol. got the yellow belt, too! the outfit is smashing! love the white blazer to top it all off!