Monday, March 26, 2012

Scenes From The Weekend

Ya'll, I am down AGAIN with this nasty cold. I thought I was over it, and then BLAMO, it hit me again tonight. I am hopped up on Zyrtec and Afrin, with a can of spray paint and a beer from dinner thrown in for good measure, so I hope you don't mind if I just upload some snaps from the weekend and call it a night. Hope your weekend was dope. And I don't mean the Zyrtec and Afrin kind.

Gavie-Doodle at the Zoodle

Awwww, my Scarley Girl is so purty. AND wearing neon. Two snaps, a twist, and a kiss. Can't touch this!

Amy, I am FINALLY getting around to painting this bad boy. Here it is pre-primer and paint. I painted it gold tonight, and am debating putting some kind of glaze on it to antique it just a bit. I'll put my after snaps in later, yo.

Hit up a new thrift store with my homegirl Natty Lite, and all I found was a pair of these leaf trays, which started out life as silver. SOMEONE got a new can of gold spray paint!!!

Okay, okay - I lied. I also got a pair of fantastic mid-century glazed pottery looking mugs at the thrift. Wish they would've had two more. You can see it sitting in front of a mid-century print my aunt scored for me this summer at a garage sale.

Simon "Monterrey" Jack - aka CHEEEEEEZE!!!!

Detail of the credenza that we moved upstairs this weekend into the family room. Please ignore the stupid TV components that will be moved into the credenza cubbys once The Hubs gets a long enough cord to move them. Scored the two prints (Vegas on the left, San Fran on the right) at a garage sale last summer and we FINALLY hung them Saturday night. The tall white vase is from Homegoods, I think. Long time ago.

Okay, I'm about to pass out from my cocktail-o-meds and household hazardous materials. I'm audi.



suzanne said...

Hey girl! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and for the sweet words. Love to connect with other KC bloggers. Can't wait to check out that end table you painted gold, bet it looks divine.

oomph. said...

seems the spring bug is going around. i can't get rid of this nasty cough! i was getting better, too, then it came back. that table is going to look very shnazzzy!

feel better.