Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Randomly Speaking

Since my title is randomly speaking, I'm going to stream of consciousness this bad boy.

I thought I would rock the Victoria Beckham standard pose. Frankly, I don't know how she doesn't throw out a hip posing like that.

It has been many a moon since I've worn this Family Thrift $2 dress, so I thought I'd whip it out (the DRESS - sheesh - get yo dirty minds out the gutter) and wear it wif my neon yellow belt.

Is it wrong that from time to time I have been known to bust out some Salt 'n Pepa to The Trips? Specifically, Beauty & The Beat:

Salt and Pepa MC's represent beauty
We want y'all to see why we're the only
Nominee nominated representing our race
This jam is dedicated to all the pretty faces
And we're gonna rock like you like
Spinderella on the mix, Salt and Pepa on the mike
And we can satisfy your desire
We can make your body perspire
Make the men all want to get with it
Then take 'em down to the ultimate
Sounds and I say: Spinderella's not a fella
But a girl DJ!

What can I say? I STILL have a soft spot for those days of Salt n Pepa yore (i.e. 1986, though I wasn't officially DOWN with it until 1987 - my freshman year in college). 

What can I say? My kids like to kick it old school now and then.

Awwww, come on - you KNOW imma throw a lil S-n-P in now, don'tcha? Sadly, I couldn't find a video for Beauty and the Beat, but Push It was all over the interwebs. Enjoy.

Dress: Vintage, thrifted
Shoes: Jessica Simpson
Necklace, Bracelets: F21
Earrings: Ladies Night Clothing Swap
Belt: Old Navy



this free bird said...

I was down with the SnP, and the OPP and all those crazy songs. It was a mad, mad time. When your thrift dress was hanging in a mainstream retail store waiting for the future. Good find on that!