Thursday, March 29, 2012

Buried Treasure

I never realized what kinds of things - what kinds of SHENANIGANS - were happening at my home while I was gone, until today.

I KNEW there was nonsense, but not quite to the EXTENT until today. I mean, I should've had a clue, right? Anyone whose child would a) stick a foam rubber alphabet letter up his nose, and b) whose other child would stick a piece of styrofoam peanut up his nose just because his brother had done the same a few weeks earlier? Knows they're dealing with nonsense. I mean. Just the other night I came out onto our back deck where my boys were sitting on the dining table butt naked (of course, because where ELSE does one sit butt naked except for on the back deck dining table, amiright)??? And said second child (who stuck said styrofoam peanut up nose) had pulled the ring that the umbrella sits in off just enough that he could stick his weiner through it. Seriously, folks. This is what I'm dealing with on a daily basis.

So it should have really come as no surprise when I got home tonight, and was trying to get everyone ready to go to the store, when I couldn't find anyone's shoes, that The Hubs casually mentioned, "Oh, their shoes? They buried them in the back yard." Uhhhh, whoseewhatsit???? "They buried them," he repeated, "In the backyard. Don't worry. I'll go dig them up in a minute."

The boys buried their shoes? In the dirt? In the yard? And what about Scarlett? I asked. "Oh, she did too." Ah haaaa, I see. Ummmm, are we talking about their brand new shoes that I just got them last weekend? And Scarlett's brand new sandals? "Yep. I'll go dig them up in a minute," as said Hubs continues to casually work on his laptop. All the while, I am watching ominous storm clouds gathering overhead. looks like it's going to start raining any minute, hon. "I'LL GO DIG THEM UP IN A MINUTE." Sigh. Okay.


My kids. That's who. That's how they do.

Shirt, Earrings, Necklace: F21
Pants, Belt: Old Navy
Shoes: Vicky's Secret
Rings: Charming Charlie's



Paula said...

I love your kids and their, um... creativity! And glad I am not the only one with a boy who prefers to wander around the house naked, of course, lately ours has taken to wearing a sock over his business a la chippendale style.

Love the outfit!