Thursday, February 2, 2012

WWD: Dream A Little Dream

Dreams have always been fascinating to me. I wrote a term paper on lucid dreams in high school and have read several books on them. Once, when I had an extremely vivid lucid dream - that I can still recall very clearly, I found an internet site where they interpret  your dream and submitted mine for interpretation. In that particular dream, I dreamt I was in an old castle with stone walls, and was walking down a very long corridor. I started running, and it was like what you see in the movies, as if the corridor was stretching in length the longer I was running. I was picking up speed, and coming to the end of the corridor, which was a stone wall where the corridor turned. Just where it turned was a large, arched window that was open. I was running faster and faster, thinking to myself, I'm either going to crash into the wall, or I'll have to jump out the window. At the last minute, I jumped, and found myself soaring in the sky, flying. At that moment I realized I was in a dream, and was able to control my actions in the dream. It was dusk in the dream, and there were black birds flying in crazy circles. I remember doing loop-de-loops in the sky with them, and feeling so free and happy. It was amazing.

I remember a dream I had from when I was a girl, VERY vividly. My sister and I shared a room, and I dreamt that there were snakes crawling down the wall in the hallway just outside our room. My parents, sister and I were all sitting on our bed watching the snakes, and when they would reach the floor, they would turn into hair ribbons, and my mom went and collected them (in real life, she kept a drawer in her dresser for our hair ribbons).

I had the weirdest dream last night. I went to the gym (which didn't look like the gym I attend). There were several different levels, and I got on the elevator to take it to the floor where my class was being held, except I couldn't remember which floor it was on.

I took it to floor 5, and there was a class there, but not the one I was looking for. I got back on the elevator and took it to floor two, and it was the same class, with the same people, that I had just seen on floor 5. Tried another floor. Same class. Took the stairs and kept running back into the same class. I never made it to the class I wanted to attend.


Are you interested in dreams? Ever have yours interpreted? Ever interpret them for others? Have a crazy dream you want to share? Let's hear it, peeps.
Jacket: Worthington, Thrifted
Dress: Kensie
Shoes: Vince Camuto
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Earrings: Clothing Swap
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Girlie Blogger said...

I often think about what my dreams mean.

Cute jacket. I like the colors.