Tuesday, February 14, 2012

WWD: Back in the Day

(WHAT is going on with my hurr on the right side? It's like it's trying to escape from my head...)

My Valentine's Gift to you? A trip in my very own time machine. Hearken back, if you will, to 1982. We're headed to the Blue Ridge Mall (or The Ridge, as we liked to call it). The Ridge sadly, is no longer there, and sadder still is the fact that it was torn down to make room for a ginormous Wal Fart, BUT I DIGRESSSSSS....

(Maybe if I hold it down....)

Let's continue hearkening, shall we? As I was saying, if you were headed to The Ridge in the 1980s, chances are you were headed to one of the following places:

Happy Joe's Pizza and Ice Cream Parlour
Merry Go Round
Orange Julius
Space Port Arcade
The Tee Shirt Shop

Let's break those down, M.C. Hammer.
I know this is a bold statement, but Happy Joe's Ice Cream and Pizza Parlour was perhaps the BEST pizza place ever. Like, EVER ever. Their taco pizza? Was nothing short of phenomenal. Don't take my word for it though - check out the recipe here. The front was an old fashioned ice cream parlour, all red and white stripes, and girls in pony tails with uniforms that looked like this:

In the back was the pizza parlour, with a jukebox full of J. Giles and Journey and Foreigner, and a platform in front of a window where you could watch the stoners throwing pizza dough to make a few bucks for a little weed and some Pabst Blue Ribbon.

If you had your birthday at Happy Joe's? Well, let's just say you were THE SHIT. Especially if your parents sprung for The Barn Burner, a sundae made with one scoop of every ice cream flavor on the premises, which, unfortunately also meant a scoop of the nasty Spumoni ice cream. No matter. You could eat around it. Or give that scoop to your sister.

Am I alone here in my love for The Joe's? I am DYING to hear if you had one in your town, and loved it as well. So after eating one's face off at H.J.'s one might head to Merry Go Round. Or, if one were being really honest, OUTSIDE of Merry go Round, because SOME people were a little intimidated by the FREAKS who worked there, with their crankin' big 80s hair, spandex, electric blue eyeliner, and more spandex. And those were just the men. Seriously - it wasn't until one of my cousins got a job there that I was brave enough to go in. And I am not even joking when I tell you that there is a Facebook page for fans of Merry Go Round. Check it here if you don't believe me.

And even though you may have stuffed your face on pizza and ice cream prior to Merry Go Round, you head next to Orange Julius. What? Lurking works up a powerful thirst. I, personally, skipped the Orange Julius original and went straight to the Pina Colada Julius, which, according to the website, is ice-cold pineapple mixed with magic awesome powder and sweetener. I don't know what the hell is in magic awesome powder, but it was indeed awesome.

If the group was spending an ENTIRE day at The Ridge, we might head next to SpacePort Arcade downstairs, where I almost had a run-in one time with someone who apparently had already stacked their quarters on the Pac Man machine, thus claiming their territory for the next game after mine. I, being somewhat new to the rough and tumble world of the arcade, did not realize it and started up another game before being schooled.

(Sorry for the Olan Mills portrait of my hand, but believe you me, you don't wanna see it without some kind of Picnik effect. Totes McGoats. This is my rip-off of Maegan's ADORABLE mani from yesterday)

And since we were most-likely spending the day at the mall to celebrate my birthday, and since The Tee Shirt Shop was right next to SpacePort, we headed in to pick up a personalized tee. Well, it would've been personalized had I been Tom Selleck, cuz the tee I picked, a baseball tee with three-quarter-length red sleeves on a white shirt, had Magnum P.I. ironed on the front. I am just sad I do not have photographic evidence of said awesomeness to share.

All right ya'll, it's VD, and what better time to share what you loved with those you love. Fess up - I KNOW someone out there totally shopped at Chess King or The Closet or somewhere equally heinous - LET'S HEAR IT.

Two more things before I wrap up - if you haven't voted yet today in the Circle of Moms Top 25 Fashion & Beauty Moms for moi, I would super duper giant puffy heart you like, FOREVER, if you did that here.

Finally, today is Everybody Everywear's latest and greatest, and the theme is, well, red and pink. Duh. Ch-ch-check out what everybody everywhere is wearing here.

Pink + Red | Everybody, Everywear

Sweater: Consignment
Pants: Zara
Shoes: Zinc, Victoria's Secret
Earrings: Clothing Swap
Necklace: F21

Happy Valentine's Day!


Rachels Lookbook said...

Gorgeous! Love your nails as well :)

Mae said...

oh my gosh! obviously love the color blocking but those heels!! and the nails!! it's all perfect!
happy valentine's day!
following you now dear

Katie said...

Just found your blog through EBEW and I love it. Very cute style. Following now!

this free bird said...

I was one of the freaks inside Merry Go Round. Confession. Punked out spiked hair, neon, eyeliner, leggings. Yep, that was me. Scaring kids and neighbors for miles around.

Those were the days, weren't they?

oomph. said...

ok, orange julius was da bomb!! but i really did like the ORANGE julius! now i've up'd the amp and drink 'whipped' vodka with OJ..jus-a like-a orange julius!

you killed it with this color combo!!

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Emily's Going Nuts said...

Just found you through EBEW. LOVE your outfit! Those shoes look fabulous with your pink and red!!