Monday, February 20, 2012

Um, YUM.

Recently my friend Emily, knowing my love for cinnamon and spicy coffee, sent me a lil giftie.

It's called Spice My Coffee, and Emily's fab friend Charlene, started her company recently after realizing there may be a market for the recipes she mixed for her morning coffee for those of us who don't like super duper sweet additives in their coffee. THANK YOU.

Just add a little spice to your coffee grounds before brewing, and in a few minutes, VOILA. Nom-noms in a coffee cup. And if you're wondering what the bottle on the left is in the first photo above, I'll tell you. IT'S BOURBON SUGAR. Uh huh - I said bourbon. sugar. I have added it to my coffee, but Emily says it's also deelish in oatmeal or on top of sugar cookies. SIGN ME UP.

Right now Charlene, whose company is in its fledgling stage (she's working on her website as we speak), has three flavah-flaves. The one I have is Girl Next Door (as opposed to Girls Gone Wild, which is another flavor from another company ENTIRELY). Girls Next Door has a luvly cinnamon nutmeg spiciness to it. The two other flavors she offers are Chinese Nine Spice, and Israeli Jeep Tour. 

If you're interested in ordering up some yums for yourself, you can contact Charlene at  

By the way, the mini-biscotti above are from Costco. Yup, I said Costco. They're Nonni's Salted Caramel Mini-Biscotti, and they need ta GET IN MY MOUF about once a day. God bless Costco.

So, in the words of Hugh Grant, " short, to recap it slightly in a clearer version, eh, the words of David Cassidy in fact, eh, while he was still with the Partridge family, eh, 'I think I love you,' and eh, I-I just wondered by any chance you wouldn't like to... Eh... Eh... No, no, no of course not... I'm an idiot... Excellent, excellent, fantastic, eh, I was gonna say lovely to see you, sorry to disturb..." this is how I feel about Spice My Coffee: 

Now go gitchoo some!!


The aforementioned Emily said...

Oh, I am going to go stick my nose in some right now. Delicious!

Girlie Blogger said...

What a great idea. I love a little spice in my coffee.