Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Stereo Jungle Child

I don't know why this outfit reminds me of Scandal's The Warrior, maybe it's because the orangey red is the same color that's in her jacket in the video, or maybe it's that the pants scream 1984.

No matter - I love it BECAUSE it screams 1980s. Apparently lately, someone has two thumbs and can't get enough of the open-weave sweater craze, and it's this guy. Seriously - I picked one up at F21 a month or so ago, and then saw this sweater a few weeks ago on Old Navy's website (it comes in this color, lime green, navy, ivory, and charcoal). My local store didn't get it in until last week, and I had to get it.

And the pants? LORD HAVE MERCY, the pants. I tried them on eleventy five times at Target and finally cracked and got them. I know, I know the saying goes "if you lived through the trend the first time, don't partake the second time around," but if loving you is wrong, leopard print pants, I don't wanna be right.

I'm gonna wear the shit outta these things until they come back around again. Of course, if time is any indicator, I'll be 72, and damn hell that is a DEPRESSING THOUGHT.

Well I suppose if Jane Fonda can look as good as she does at 72, anything is possible, right?


Ugh. On that note, I'm gonna go pop a Geritol and hit the sack.

I'll leave you with a little treat first though. You're welcome.

Sweater: Old Navy
Pants, Tank: Target
Shoes: Vince Camuto
Cuff, Earrings: F21



Courtnee said...

Ohmygahhhhh.... I've been trying to talk myself outta these pants because do I really need my bum and thighs covered in leopard? But I needs 'em! And this 80s homage just convinced me. My store doesn't have they grey in my size so I'm toying with the full on Peg Bundy version.

Ps-thank you so much for the goodies! My thighs are givin you the side eye for my new addiction to chocolate covered chips! Thankfully TJs is on the other side of town and my laziness trumps my need for sweet/salty goodness;)