Sunday, February 26, 2012

Red Carpet Recap: Acadamy Awards 2012

Were the Oscars a SNOOZEFEST this year, or was it just me? Seriously. Even the dresses didn't thrill me like they usually do. Still, I've mustered up a bit of WHAT WHAAAAAT for a few of my faves, and of course, some what da HAIL for a few others.

The Good:

Hands down my favey fave of the night. Rose Byrne is Studio 54 fan-fucking-fabulous in Vivienne Westwood.

Stacy "The Elf" Keibler runs a close second. How could she not? She LOOKS like an Oscar statuette. That gold lame Marchesa is purrrr-fection.

Emma Stone sealed her place in my girl crush lexicon with her adorable performance with Ben Stiller. And is she actually ginormous, or is he really Tiny Dancer? Love her fuchsia chiffon be-ribboned frock.

Jessica Chastain in Alexander McQueen - she does not always knock it outta the park, but this dress is gasp-worthy on her.

I was originally going to put Gwyneth and Tom Ford in the Meh camp, but the more I looked at this, the more I loved it. It is completely striking and different from anything else, which I love, and I love that cuff she's wearing, dammit, so home-slice is in the Love column.

The Meh:

Kelly Osbourne in Badgley Mischka looks gorgeous - it's the hair that keeps throwing me off. I LOATHE that color. From the neck down? She looks stunning.

I cannot STAND the way Michelle Williams usually dresses, so this Louis Vuitton is a nice change from the cutesy girlie stuff she usually does. I dig the tomato red on her.


Angie Jo in Atelier Versace. Her hair and makeup were GORGEOUS, but two things - WHY DID SHE STAND LIKE THIS ALL NIGHT????, and would someone please PLEASE make her a sammich?

I was so on the fence about the Armani Prive gown that Ellie Klemper wore. I wanted to love it, but couldn't. I do LOVE the color, and that it matches her hair (though I wished her bangs weren't quiiiite so long), but something in the boob area is just a wee bit wonky, which drove me nutso. Ah well. 

Natalie Portman in vintage Dior. Hear me now and believe me later when I tell you that at high school prom, Lynn Dutoit wore almost this exact same dress, except it was tea length and with a black crinoline underneath it, and it is possible that she also wore black lace fingerless gloves with it. No, no, wait - the black lace fingerless gloves were MINE. Still. The red and black polka dots were DEFINITELY Lynn's domain. I look at Natalie and expect to hear "I Just Died In Your Arms Tonight," at any moment.

The HELL????

Meryl, the entire world knows you are an amazing actress, so the Taylor Swifting you do when they call your name as the winner is just slightly disingenuous and COMPLETELY ANNOYING. STOP IT NOW. You are lucky that your acceptance speech made me tear up, although that could have also been because I was forced to look at your golden bathrobe and mother-of-the-bride hurrdo. Seriously, woman, there is no excuse for that.

and one more late entry to the THE HELL category?

Nancy O'Dell, in dress by French's Mustard, hair by Brian Setzer.

Sooooo, who were YOUR faves? Least faves? Share. This is a safe place.



Rhiannon said...

Nice post.

I totally agree with you about Meryl, what was she thinking?

I really like the way Michelle Williams dresses, but I am a real girly girl.

I really liked Kate Mara also.


Jenny @ Spry On The Wall said...

I liked Stacy Keibler too. I wanted to love Ellie's Armani gown, but it was ill fitting and her bangs are just too thick or something. I think I really liked when Chris March dressed Meryl a couple of years ago. She just just stick with him. Don't get me started on Angie and her wonky posing all night. WTF? She's verging on crypt keeper territory, she needs nourishment. Oh and I'm glad I'm not the only one who can't stand Michelle Williams and her clothing choices. I really have only liked her in a Victoria Beckham dress she wore to the luncheon this year and that yellow dress she wore to the Oscars years ago. Otherwise, meh. And the only reason my pretend BFF Emma Stone didn't make my list is because every time I saw her walking on the carpet she was tripping on the dress and getting tangled. It was too long. But her accessories were my cup o' tea!

Paula said...

michelle williams' look reminded me of a orange push up... and for the love of a box of l'oreal, would somebody please color kelly o's hair anything but lilac/gray/silver! there are some diners at an early bird special that are pissed that she is stealing their hair-color thunder with all this gray nonsense. whew, sorry. the rest of the dresses were just ok. happy monday!

Marie a la Mode said...

ha ha cute post! I LOVED Gwyneth's dress. Am I the only one that didn't drool over Jessica Chastain's gown? Sorry : ( And it's a secret why Angie was standing like that all night. There WAS a reason I'm sure but we'll never know, it's probably too embarrassing for her to share. What I want to know is how did she get legs like that if she doesn't work out?? Or so she says...