Monday, February 13, 2012

Random (p)Pinspirations: VD Eve

First of all, if you HAVE voted for me in Circle of Mom's Top 25 Fashion & Beauty Moms, thank ye kindly. If you haven't yet, DO IT. I'm pretty sure I'll win a beeeelllion dollars, which I will happily split with all of my followers. Okay, I really only get the satisfaction of knowing my humble little blog was thought worthy of being put into the top 25 fashion and beauty mom blogs (possibly the most hard-scrabble, intense genre of blogs), but still, it's something, huh? You can vote here, once a day, for the next 17 days.

As I get older, Valentine's  Day doesn't bug me the way it once used to. Hell, I'm even sporting a red and pink mani - it's CRAZY all up da house. I also love combining colors that are close on the color wheel more now than even - a la red and pink. Check out some of my favey faves a la pinterest.

Happy VDE!