Wednesday, February 15, 2012


In December my cousin Holly (who is more like a sister to me) was invited to a party where the host (her sister in law) had invited a medium. Even though she was curious what a medium might say to her, she opted out, having lost her father unexpectedly 9 years ago. My uncle was like a second father to my sister and me, and due to the fact that his death was so unexpected, the whole family was in shock. It was the most difficult loss in my life. 

Holly and I have had several discussions about her dad Larry, and in fact when another uncle passed away recently, just before he died, he started calling to his mother and Larry, as if they were waiting for him. It gave me chills to hear, because I do believe in life after death, and communication from...elsewhere...for lack of a better term. 

Holly decided in December for personal reasons that she did not wish to talk to a medium, or perhaps more accurately, did not wish to speak to one in front of a group of people. At the time of the party, the medium ended up not showing up, so it was a moot point anyway. This past weekend, Holly's sister in law had another party, with a different medium. Holly was in St. Louis at the time, so she didn't attend. When the medium showed up, she was talking to the group and asked if there was a Holly present. Corey said "no, but she's my sister in law." The medium said something like, "I'm getting communication for her which I won't go into totally since she's not here, but does she have someone in her life who is an educator? A grandparent or another close relative?" Corey answered, "Her father," and the medium answered again, "I won't go into everything, but he really wants her to know he is with her and he is watching her."


When she told me this yesterday, I got chills and started crying immediately. I choose to believe that he was communicating to her, and I definitely believe he is with her. Since his death I have had dreams about him from time to time, and every time I believe they are for the sole purpose of communicating with him. The first time it happened, I dreamt that my family was having a memorial service for him. We were at a large farm, sitting in folding chairs outside near a barn, and my aunt had people stand up and speak about him. Towards the end, she found a letter Larry had written and had my dad stand up and read it (my dad and Larry were extremely close, from the time they were very young). It was a peaceful dream, and I truly felt his presence when I woke. The next day, I was talking to my mom, and hadn't mentioned my dream, and she said, "You know what today is, don't you?" and I said no, and she said, "It's the year anniversary of Larry's passing."

In another very vivid dream, I was in a gift shop in a small town. The shop was old and dusty, and I turned down an aisle, and there, looking at greeting cards, was Larry. I went up to him and we hugged and I said how much I had missed him. We talked for a while, and he moved to leave. I said, "Where are you going? I want to go with you," and he said, "No, you can't go with me." Again, I believe that was Larry dropping in to say hi.

What are your experiences with anything similar? Do you have similar stories to tell? I would love to hear them if so.

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Sarah said...

Bizarre! I always wondered if that medium stuff was legit and it seems it was. I have dreams all the time about friends/family that have passed - very vivid ones - and I've heard/read that when you dream about them, it's b/c they are thinking about you and miss you. Cue Twilight Zone music.

Julie said...

Do you read She just posted a conversation today that medium her mom knows had with Alexander McQueen.

Oh, and just before my great grandma died, her bedroom smelled like Lucky Strike cigarettes. No one in the house smoked, except for her husband who died 20 years prior. Cray-cray!


I just got the chills reading that! I am way into psychics and mediums and have had very similar experiences. It's crazy when you think about it but so amazing at the same time. I truly do believe that they send messages to us! And now I sound like a total whackadoo...And scene. xoxo

Jenny @ Spry On The Wall said...

This is my wheelhouse, well actually my Mom's wheelhouse and mine because I'm her spawn - ha! She is totally into psychics and mediums, she actually had a reading with a very well known medium and a lot of what he said was spot on or came true. I'm all into ghosts and spirits. I have a ton of stories, all of which make me sound like a looney toon, but oh well, I own the cray-cray...

MerciBlahBlah said...

Julie - that IS cray cray! And Pretty Shiny Sparkly??? WHOA. I also tried to get to her mom's blog yesterday but couldn't get it to open at work - I'm going to try from home today. Looks soooo interesting - thank you for sharing!!

Nicole - I have always been fascinated by psychics too, but am too scared to actually go talk to one - have you done that? Guess I'm afraid of what they're going to tell me.

Jenny - okay, woman - START TALKING!! I want to hear your stories. If you can't share them on the internet with millions of strangers, where CAN you share them????

oomph. said... similar stories. nothing ever happened to me, so i never really believed in this or paid much attention, but a few years ago, i was sitting in my (rental) house, and saw something out of the corner of my eye, but didn't think or say anything. same time, my bf at the time said he saw a something standing in the corner. i asked him to describe it to me. he described the landlord's mother in detail without knowing anything about her. she had passed away there.

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MerciBlahBlah said...

What. The. WHAT????? Totally creepy.