Friday, February 24, 2012

Cutie Mantle In da HOUSE

Some of you may recall Banana Mantle 2011. Well now - you'll THRILL to Cutie Mantle 2012. I mean. Banana Mantle is SO last year. Apparently we cannot keep a bowl of Cutie Clementines around without The Trips peeling about 27 in one day.

Note I did not say EAT 27 in one day. Ohhhhh NOOOOOO. That might not be wasteful enough for this crew. They like to peel them, pull the segments apart, line them up obsessively, and then leave them to dry out.

You can see the lone survivor of the carnage just above my head to the left.

It's pitiful.

And because I feel sorry for him, he'll probably sit up there until he dries out and I have to throw him away too.

That's the way we roll, people.

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Jacket: Vintage, Estate Sale
Tank, Shoes, Bracelets: Target
Pants: Zara
Necklaces: Vintage, garage sale; F21