Wednesday, January 18, 2012

WWD: To Vacay or NOT To Vacay

...with kids...THAT is the question.

Having managed to maneuver all of 2011 without a trip back to Laguna Beach, I have a hankering something FIERCE to head west this year. My conundrum? Beg someone to stay with the kids and make it a trip for just The Hubs and me, or bite the bullet and take The Trio of Terror on their first vacation...

The thought makes me break out immediately into a cold sweat, because taking the kids on vacation? Well, would be NO vacation. In fact, it'd probably be harder, and more expensive, with less sleep and crappier beds.

Still - I know we need to do it EVENTUALLY, but do I want to tarnish my beloved Laguna, or go someplace perhaps a little kid-friendlier for their first time, and save Laguna for juuust the two of us (we can make it if we tryyyyy, just the two of usssss, you and I....)

I would LOVE it for those of you with kids to weigh in on this one. When did you first take your rug rats on vacation? Are we crazy for waiting this long (they'll be 4 in May), or are we crazy for considering taking them anywhere?

And completely off-topic here, can I just say that SOMEONE went a leeettle too heavy on the blush today. DAYUM. I guess I was going drag for work today.

Thank God my hurr looks fantastic. Granted, it doesn't look Amy Bo Bamy fantastic, but still...

(don't kill me, Ames. P.S. - when are you sending me that necklace???)

KIDDING - I kid. I only think my hair looks fabulous, not QUITE fantastic. But those CHEEKS???? Ugh.

I also wish the details on this outfit stood out a little more, cuz it looked way better in real life. Ah well. Those two little white dots on the photo above are sequins shining through (I wear a sequin skirt as a slip under the pleated skirt). 

So back to the vacation thing - seriously folks, what to do, what to DOOOOOO???? Gimme some guidance here. Espesh if you have multiples (PY Jammy, I'm looking at yoooou).

Jacket: JC Penny
Tank: Wal Fart
Sequin Skirt: ????
Pleated skirt: Vintage, thrifted
Shoes: J Simpson Dany's
Necklace: Threadsence



Paula said...

We usually take a vacation with the kids once a year to an all-inclusive resort in Akumal. Nana and the uncles usually go with us so we have a moment to actually relax and even sleep in.

Of course, I think you should leave them home and get some much needed rest and relaxation! You've earned it. And cute outfit!

Jenny @ Spry On The Wall said...

Well, I only have one kiddo (so as I'm reminded constantly I don't count as an actual parent - yes, people have told me this and I then I kill them - just kidding, sort of). We just flew to Chicago for Christmas and I pretty much had a nervous breakdown and my husband is probably filing divorce papers as we speak. Between the fidgeting, the screaming, the absolute inability to listen while running through the airport, topped off with the spilling of a ginger ale on my iPad, I was done. I think we've talked about this before, my girl is extremely high spirited, she is a handful to say the least. So my advice is to ditch the kids and enjoy a vacay with just you and your hubby. Do something more kid friendly (and closer to home) with them for a long weekend or something. My two cents :o)

pyjammy pam said...

shizz, i totally got called out here. (love the sequin slip skirt, so awesome.)

i've travelled twice with all three. once was for work at 5.5 months, and that was pure, unadulterated HELL. oh boy.

but then in august (so mine were about the age yours are now) we all flew to virginia for my nephew's christening. it probably would have been fine if we hadn't all had stomach bugs (which meant i was barfed on on the flight there, and we all spent too much time in the bathroom once we were there.)

other than that, it was actually pretty nice. we stayed with my BFF, though. i really do want to take them to the beach. maybe we'll try this summer. gulp.

PS I have taken them all, individually, on trips, but they're so codependent now, they'd never go for it again.

Girlie Blogger said...

You look so classy in that jacket and skirt.

Wow. The necklace sure makes a statement. It's gorgeous.

Sarah said...

Like Jenny, I just have one so I agree with her about not really "counting", but we travel quite a bit with ours. A couple trips a year to Texas visit the in-laws and an annual trip to Mexico with my mother and that always goes well. I just have lots of tricks in my bag and candy to keep him entertained. For me, the worst part is the traveling there and back. Airplanes/ports are boring and there is too much waiting in line, sitting still for a tot to manage for long. DFW and ORD have playzones for kids so if you have to stop, fly through there so they can get the wiggles out. We have 2 on 1 coverage though, so not sure how to deal with 2 on 3!


Although I would love to weigh in on this one, my eggs are not ready to come out and play yet! TMI? can handle it! On another note, that necklace is GORGE!!!!!! xo