Thursday, January 26, 2012

WWD: Blog-spiration

Loves me some Cheyenne meets Chanel, and when I saw the following photo on her blog, I knew I could recreate it easily. It may be my new favorite ensemble. Know what else I loves?

Eggs over easy on toast. I eat it every morning for breakfast. YUMMMMM. If I'm REALLY feeling ambitious, I'll make eggs over easy toast + cheese + bacon sammich.

My new tennies:

I think you know by now that I ALWAYS wear black cross trainers (my cuz brought it to my attention that one day she was googling black cross trainers, and guess who's photo popped up on page one of the image search? TRUE STORY). In fact, I even bought a new pair of them at the same time I got the ones above (both pairs were about the same amount as the current shoes I have been wearing now for waaaayyy too long).

Source: via Shannan on Pinterest

Sadly, I don't think I love these as much as the trainers I'm replacing, but I'll withhold judgement until I wear them to class tonight. The poyple and orange neon ones though? LOVES. I think the last time I wore tennies that weren't black or white was in grade school, and if memory serves, I wore a neon yellow pair of Nikes with a blue swoosh.

What else do I love? A man with a sense of humor. Or humour, if you're British. It doesn't hurt if he looks like this in the process:

A big ole THANK YOU to Marie a la Mode for posting that photo on your blog the other day (as well as all the others).

What else do I love? That my gym finally - FINALLY - added another Turbokick class to its schedule on Fridays. It's about damn time!!! Thank you, powers-that-be who actually read the suggestions in the suggestion box!! Now if you could kindly heed the suggestion SOMEONE left re: NO MORE DANCE MIX VERSIONS OF REGULAR SONGS, I would - errrr....I mean THEY would probably appreciate that.

Starbucks Blond Roast. Blondie, I met you for the first time eaaarrrrllly on a cold morning after my 5:30 Boot Camp class, and it was love at first sip. Smooth, velvetty, and nutty, you are the wind beneath my wings.

Christina Applegate. SOMEONE was tardy to the party on Up All Night, but I swear, I love her more each time I see her. I am PRETTY sure that we would be BFFs if we met in real life.

My L'oreal British Red lipstick. LOVES. I love it so much, in fact, that I'm giving some away, along with some more of my favorite things. Keep your eyes peeled - I hope to have the post up by Monday - for followers, so if you're not a follower, GET SIGNED UP. What da hail are you waiting for anyway? 

So loves, what do YOU loves? Share.

Jacket: Newport News
Sweater Vest: F21
Jeans: Marshall's
Boots: Old Navy
Necklaces and Earrings: F21



Paula said...

Bacon. I skipped breakfast and after reading this I am HUNGRY! Off to the Filling Station it is for some bacon... mmmm.

Marie a la Mode said...

Ha ha love that you used the Jon Hamm photo ; ) How come I've never heard of Cheyenne Meets Chanel? Her blog is great! I love the leather jacket you're wearing by the way. You pulled off this look perfectly!

oomph. said...

i have yet to try the blonde. i like my coffee the blonde supposed to be lighter?? anyways, i'll try it eventually.

nice idea to layer the jacket over sweater. i recently layered coat over blazer and was sweating like a mutha.


Girlie Blogger said...

Love Christina Applegate. Such an IT girl.

Your frilly card looks wonderful. Gives your outfit an extra oomph.

MerciBlahBlah said...

Paula - Bacon GOOOOOOD. Have you tried Mo's Chocolate Bacon Bar (you can get them at World Market)? NOM NOM NOM!!!

Marie - be prepared to spend LOTS of time on Cheyenne. She is one of my favey faves. LOVE her style.

Becks - the blond is supposed to be lighter, but they told me it has more caffine (???), but no matter what - IT GOOOOOOD. P.S. - your comment made me giggle out loud, MUTHAAAA.

Girlie - sank you!!