Thursday, January 12, 2012

Random (p) Inspirations: Neon

Typically, a trend that I so blatantly followed back in the day, I tend not to love the second time around. I WISH I had the school pic of my sis sporting a neon yellow polo shirt (with the collar popped, of course), a neon blue mesh scarf around her neck, rocking braces and a mullet with her Tootsie glasses (thank GOD I wasn't the ONLY one in our family with those damn glasses). One trend that surprises me this time around? Neon. I cannot get enough apparently, if my Pinterest pages are any indication.

Lemme just say that right now, Old Navy has about twelvity-five things that I NEEEEED, including the above orange silky shirt. When Shopping Embargo 2011 has lifted, I am HOPING some of their stuff has gone on clearance.

Neon Nails? Nice.

Of COURSE Blair is rocking neon. And looking fab. Jerk. Kidding. Call me.....

Love the tribal braceletty nailiciousness of this.

Source: via Shannan on Pinterest it on these frames too. D-O-P-E.

Neon and Neutral? Nifty.

Just stupid gorgeous.

I love everything about this.

And this. And if I thought I could wear my hair like that and get away with it? I would in a heartbeat.

Creepy yet cool. So what are YOUR favorite trends for spring?



Girlie Blogger said...

Neon is all the rage. I just found a nice neon shirt today. Love your images.

MerciBlahBlah said...

Thanks! I can't believe how much I want something neon for spring. True story.