Monday, October 31, 2011

WWD: Girls' Night

Wore this to work on Friday, and then to go out with my friend Gina (A Non Desperate Housewife). We met at the new Kate Spade store, then motored to Story for dinner. Sadly, my homegirl SGM was not able to meet up with us. Next time, mama - Next. Time.

Also? The Hubs and I watched THE WEIRDEST new show this weekend - An American Horror Story. It's FX's newest show with Dylan McDermott (homina homina), Connie Britton, Frances Conroy (the mom from one of my all time favorite shows, Six Feet Under), and Jessica Lange, among other creepy characters.
After only one episode, I have NO IDEA what is going on or where they could possibly head, but any series that shows Dylan McDermott's naked arse is a-okay with me.
Oh, oh, oh, and also? I made a NOM-NOM dinner Sunday night: butternut squash soup and apple and goat cheese tart.
Did I remember to take photographic evidence of said meal? Of COURSE not.
STILL loving these new jeans from F21, and I am proud to say I think I have worn them about 4 days in a row. True story.
Want another truism? The video below? ROCKS. From Lost Boys, the original teen vampire flick (suck it, Twilight).

Happy Halloween!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Help. Me.

All right peeps, I need your help to win fashion for life. FOR LIFE, I said. Go here and vote for me. My chillruns' college funds depend on it. I KID! I'm a kidder. But still, I could use fashion for life.


Friday, October 28, 2011

Friday Fab

Why don't we look at some Halloweenly pretties courtesy of my Pinterest to kick off the weekend. Enjoy!

Source: None via Shannan on Pinterest

Source: None via Shannan on Pinterest

Source: None via Shannan on Pinterest

Source: via Leony on Pinterest

Happy Weekend, yo!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

WWD: Imitation

This ensemble, from the lovely Blair at Atlantic Pacific, was hands down one of my favorites in many a moon, so I decided to recreate it, using way cheaper alternatives. Duh.

Excuse me while I indulge in a slice of humble pie, but I think I just blew my own mind.
Granted, my jacket isn't QUITE as cool and motorcycley as Mz. B's, but it's a decent alternative.

Can someone tell me why my hurr in the photo above looks like I only curled one half of it? I can assure you, I curled it all.

Yup, still loving the hot pink lip, even for fall.
I know I said yesterday's outfit was my new fave, but this one just knocked that one outta first place. I may wear it when I go out with this lady tomorrow night to the Kate Spade opening and dinner, where we hope to meet up with this lady (please oh please oh pleeeeeze). Don't hate me because I'm lucky.

Jacket: Newport News
Chambray shirt: Clearance, JC Penny
Plaid shirt: Target men's section
Jeans: F21
Shoes: Vince Camuto
Necklaces: Vintage, F21
Earrings: Gift
Bracelets: Old Navy


Wednesday, October 26, 2011

WWD: One Drunk Skunk

Three nights now I have been laying in bed and smelled skunk (and no, Amy - by "smelled skunk" I do NOT mean that I farted and pulled a covered wagon on Tom). Last night it happened again. We had an Indian summer - it has been in the mid 80s, and our window was open.

Suddenly the room was filled with the acrid rubbery chemical smell of skunk.
For the love of Charlie Carter (he was the stinky boy in class in the first grade), it was turrible, and it may as well have been in the bedroom with us. I SWEAR it wasn't me, Ames.

The Hubs and I both jumped up to look out the window and make sure there were no Peeping Le Pew's outside. Nothing. But still, skunkity unk in the boudoir. We decided to shut the window just in case one was in spraying distance.
I don't know if this particular skunk just likes to hang his smelly ass right outside of our window, or if he just happens to be strolling by in the midnight hour or WHAT, but dude need to get back to the woods from whence he came. Surrsly. Do NOT make me call animal control on your ass, Stink Face. I won't even think twice.
In honor of Sir Skunk A Lot, I'm wearing my own black and white vintage stripes a la Amy (and you're right - it IS the itchiest sweater in all the land). Still pretty cute, nonetheless.

Oh, I was also forced to do these photos in the bedroom because the morning I took them my mom had spent the night to help out with the kiddos while The Hubs was whooping it up in Georgia with his bro, and since mom doesn't know about the blog, and wouldn't understand why in the hell I take photos of myself every damn day to post on the interwebs, I thought it best to hide my stripes behind closed doors.

Sweater: Vintage
Pants: Zara
Shoes: Zinc, via Victoria's Secret
Earrings: F21
Pepe La Pew: Courtesy of my neighborhood


Tuesday, October 25, 2011

WWD: These Are A Few of My Favorite Thiiiings

First of all, I'm just going to say if you are not already a fan of the Fug Girls, well, that's just dumb. Because they are HILARIOUS. And smart. And they like, wrote a book. But even better than that? Is this post. I laughed out loud through the whole thing, and almost choked on my Amy's Tamale Verde frozen dinner, which is another story altogether. 

Another one of my favorite things?

This outfit. Sometimes, an outfit just works, and this one does it for me.
Comfy pleatha leggings a la Target last year
Comfy rubber heeled boots a la Charlotte Russe last year
Jacket courtesy of ladies night clothing swap a rama lama ding dong
Chambray, white tee and bling? What could be better?
Maybe these, my new favorite thing from Trader Joe's:

Milk Chocolate Covered Potato Chips....WHAT??? I was on my period when I bought them - sue me!! It's not like I eat like that ALL the time...

Look at me here, dreaming of my next TJCPC (that's Trader Joe's Chocolate Potato Chip for those of you playing at home...)
Dude - they are GOOOOOD. Do yourself a flavah and get some. In the meantime, I'll be stuffing my face.

Jacket: Clothing Swap
Chambray shirt: JC Penny
Tee: Target
Leggings: Target
Shoes: Charlotte Russe
Earrings: F21
Pendant necklace: Vintage, mom's
Bracelet: Belt a la Target


Monday, October 24, 2011

WWD: Defensive

Ran around with the kids this weekend in my new outfit a la Forever 21. What? I'm only 20 years too old. SO WHAT?!!!

Who, me? Defensive? I'm not being defensive. YOU'RE the one being defensive...
Is it me???? It's him, right?
This short play was brought to you by SNL, circa 1984.
Let's watch Martin Short do it way better, in a horribly crappy video clip.
Okay, not yet...

NOW enjoy...

Sweater, Jeans, Necklace, Earrings: F21
Boots: Kohl's


Friday, October 21, 2011

Random Inspiration

I haven't done a random inspiration post in like, FOREVER. Enjoy the eye candy...

Source: via M on Pinterest