Thursday, December 1, 2011


Sometime on Tuesday after the broadcast, local weatherman Don Harman committed suicide, leaving behind his wife and 2 year old daughter. He was 41. I had a crush on Don for years (what can I say - I love em short and funny). Don was hilarious - one of those people who didn't care what he looked like as long as he was making people laugh. His laughter was infectious, and based on the thousands of comments on the news station Facebook page, everyone else felt the same way. He was very involved in local charities, and just watching the newscast this morning, I realized not only did he become publicly involved, if something touched his heart, he took time on his own to privately help others in need out as well.

I cannot fathom what his wife and family are going through, including his on-air family. Never have I watched a station where the newscasters were more in sync than Fox 4 Kansas City's morning show. I love each one of them, and the grace and resolve with which they are conducting today's newscast is impressive. I salute you all.

As I watch the morning news and share tears with Mark, Loren, Nick and Carli, it is always amazing to me how someone I have never met in person can have such an affect. I do not know why Don felt his only option was to end his life, and my prayer for his family and friends is that they get some closure to that question for themselves, and that they have peace. I had the thought last night that, being in the business he was, on television, it could be both a blessing and a curse to have so much video of him, for those who wish to remember him. Me, being one to always appreciate the inappropriate? Love this video, which went viral on YouTube:

and this one. Don, you truly were a Real Man of Genius. I salute you, Mr. Weather Guesser Guy.



this free bird said...

that's so frickin sad. i saw your fb post and now understand what you're saying. :(

Marie a la Mode said...

So sad : ( I'm sorry to hear this Shan.

MerciBlahBlah said...

Thanks - it's so sad.