Monday, December 5, 2011

Girls' Weekend in the Lou Part Trois

Here are some snaps from my weekend in The Lou with Amy Bo Bamy (but sadly, minus Natty Lite and another near-car-stranded-on-the-side-of-the-road-because-we-were-almost-out-of-gas-but-saved-thanks-to-a-little-J.T.-incident). Ames is moving to the east coast in December after 6 years in St. Louis - and not NEARLY enough girls' trips, we decided during the weekend. Hence, this was our last weekend together before she goes. I cannot properly express a) what Amy means to me - she's like another sister, the other side of my brain, my partner in shopping excess, and 2) how may-jahly bummed I am that she is not moving closer, but further away. 

It wasn't a sad weekend though - we made sure of that with waaaay too much food (colonic, here we come!!), some drinking (DUH), and shopping like it was our job. Taste the rainbow.

First stop in the Lou? Their KICK ASS consignment/thrift shops. After a few hours of this, it is customary to kickoff a girls' weekend with cupcakes the size of one's head. I present to you Jilly's cupcakes. We made it through about half of each of these before asking for take-home boxes.

Next up? DINNER! Okay, this was a good while after the cupcakes, and whilst we were waiting for takeout (i.e. - The Best Salad Ever). Or was the wine dinner? My heart says no, but my hangover says yes.

May I introduce you to the Best Salad Ever? Romaine lettuce, figs, goat cheese, bacon. Nuff said. We decided to fancy schmancy it up and get some cheese and bread to go wif, but changed into comfy clothes for the feast to come, all of which led to the brainstorm of our band name, FINALLY. I present to you:

CHEESE & SWEATPANTS!!! I'm Cheese - she's Sweatpants - THANK YOU SAINT LOUIS!!!

Second verse, same as the first, this time more thrift shopping couldn't be worse. Suited up and ready for a day of shopping our faces off. Amy is WAY cuter in her F21 maxi, T.J. Maxx sweater and leatha jacket.

Hey, is that a new pink sweater you're wearing, or are you just happy to see me? Why yes, it IS a new (old) pink sweater, that I scored our first day of shopping on thrift for $8. It pained Ames that I wore it wivout washing, but it looked SO poyfect with my pleatha pants that she acquiesced, as long as I didn't touch her. HMMMMPFH! I never! Next up? LUNCHTIME!

WHAT??? Beer is PRACTICALLY lunch. Okay, we went back to the same restaurant on Saturday that we got takeout from Friday night, because the salad was so damn good. This time we got pizza too. I TOLD you we need a colonic.

Pizza on the left? The Edgar Allen Poe, with roasted garlic, cheese, tomatoes, and kalamata olives. On the right - The Green Lantern, with marinara, pesto, artichoke hearts, spinach, and cheese. YUMMMMMM. After literally shopping all day, from 9:30 - 4:30 (which I have not done in oh, about 4 years), we were spent, and decided to do takeout AGAIN - lamb kebabs, rice, hummus, and meat candy, as we liked to refer to the bacon wrapped dates. DOOOOHHHH so good. Drank a little more and watched Crazy Stupid Love.

Got up this morning, and duh - went to eat. Can I just say that this breakfast - at Half&Half, was hands down the Best. Breakfast. EVAH. Better than the resort we stayed at on our honeymoon (The Hubs and I, not Amy and I), better than my huevos rancheros in Laguna (which are definitely at the top of my list). I'm not even going to try to describe it. Just brace yourselves:

Waiting for our brekkie wif bottomless cups of coffee. 

Here it comes: fried egg sammich with cheese and bacon, and rosemary potatoes. I know - it sounds harmless enough, doesn't it? IT WASN'T. Trust. I cut into the sammich to cut it in half, and egg yolk oozed out like velvet. And those potatoes? Which look like every other potato on any random breakfast buffet? Were magical crispy salty crunchy bites of goodness, with enough rosemary to kick them up to magnificent. But wait, there's more. CAUTION: FOOD PORN AHEAD...

Banana french toast with rum caramel and candied pecans.

HODE UP. Don't forget the mascarpone cheese that is melting in the middle. Simply the best thing I have ever put in my mouf. HEY - get yo dirty minds out the guttah. I'm not even kidding. I think we both offered to sleep with whomever made this. Okay - maybe it was just ME who offered, but I'm PRETTY sure Amy would have too.

The carnage. Horrific, isn't it? I TOLD you we were getting our colonic on starting tomorrow. I shudder to think of all the calories that were ingested this weekend, in breakfast alone, not to mention all the other meals we ate. Blargh. It was worth it.

I just want to say to Amy - thank you for everything - your hospitality, your time - cuz I KNOWS you are crazy busy right now, but most of all, your friendship. It is not everyday that you meet someone you feel an instant kinship with, and I do not take it for granted. You are my second sister, and I love ya like tuna noodle casserole.



Natasha said...

I was with you in spirit. Love you both and I see you ate enough for me too! :)

MerciBlahBlah said...

Ugh. Did we ever. When do I get to see YOU again in the flesh?

Girlie Blogger said...

Looks like a fabulous weekend in the Lou. I miss that place.