Tuesday, November 1, 2011

WWD: Halloweenie

Let's talk Halloween. This is my fabulous friend Natty Lite's costume. Yes, her hair is real. It is better than yours. Don't believe me? Check her blog here.

This is me. I thought leopard, pleather, and a skull ring was appropriately Halloweenie for work attire.

For my inspired interpretation of a Halloween flamingo, see above.

And here are some pics of me and the kiddos, pre-trick-or-treating...

 Happy Halloween! You get to be Shriners this year!!

 Buzz Light Beer...err...Lightyear...err...Simon. He looks thrilled to be there. And by "thrilled" I mean "miserable."

 That's a natural smile if I ever saw one.

What a creative pumpkin, done with sharpie. By the babysitter. Hey, at least I made Scarlett's Jessie shirt and chaps. Gimme a LITTLE credit.

 Jessie the Cowgirl. I'm sorry, but she is so stinkin cute it kills me.

Can we not just get one frigging photo with everyone looking at the camera, smiling, and NOT MOVING????

Me and the kiddos, waiting on Daddy. Go figure.

Jacket, shirt: JC Penny
Pants: Target
Shoes: ZooShoo
Jurreys: F212



Elisabeth said...

oh my gosh those little boys are so cute :)
cute leopard idea - and that pumpkin picture is fantastic!


m'sfashionabledays said...

I loooovveeee these amazing suits..

These boys are soooo cute...

Please..please follow me...

and i'll follow you back...


Amy Moore said...

Ummm....freakin adorable. Oh, and the kids are cute too;) Hey, how is Scarlett's room coming along?