Monday, November 7, 2011

Random Inspiration

Best thing I heard all weekend? "Oh - the clouds are awake!" when Gavin looked out the bedroom window and saw the sun coming up. "They're orange!"

and then I stumbled across more gorgeous scenery thanks to Pinterest. Here:

and here:

I don't know why those two were in bed together, I'm just glad they were. And in matching pajamas, no less. Here's some more of my Pinspirations from the weekend:

Love. That. Artwork. The chairs and rug ain't so bad either.


The last time we were in Ireland, I was lucky enough to go to the G Hotel (above) for tea one afternoon. Do yourself a favor and look it up here to browse their photos. Their hot pink lounge is unbelievable. Like a movie set. I was sitting in my living room just yesterday contemplating how I could recreate the silver ball installation on a smaller scale. Amazing.

Speaking of silver, I LOVE the mani above done with foil. So. Cool.

And tee shirt from ASOS, I haven't forgotten you. Though you are indeed a mullet shirt, I just can't quit you. This could be a cool DIY.

Happy Monday!


Emmett Katherine said...

I was going to say. If that first pic was a view from your window I'd never move!!

MerciBlahBlah said...

Girl - I WISH that was the view from our window!!

Alyssa said...

Gorgeous photos! Great inspiration.