Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Turkey Day TSAR*

Thought I'd post a That Sh!t Ain't Right - Good vs. Evil - to celebrate Thanksgiving (for those readers in the US of A, anyway). Let's proceed, shall we?

That Shit Ain't Right - Good

Julie Bowen, the more I see you, the more I inappropriately love you. Though I am not loving your hair here, your dress - which is SMASHING - and those shoes - more than make up for it. Do you want to be BFFs? Yes ___ No ___ Maybe ___ Please stop stalking me ___

Zoe Saldana, you are killing me softly with this dress. And I know I ranted last week about Project Accessory referring to Kelly Osbourne as a style icon, but I truly believe you can apply that term to Mz. Saldana. She's like buttah. A biiiiig bowl of buttah. Only those of you old enough to have watched SNL in its Mike Myers/Linda Richman heyday will appreciate that, and that's okay, cuz I'm good enough. I'm smart enough, and doggone it, PEOPLE LIKE ME. There. How's THAT for a twofer?

DAYUM, J-Hud! Girlfriend BROUGHT IT with the continuation of Zoe's black and gold look. You deserve two snaps, a twist, and a kiss. Can't touch this.

Oh, Naomi Watts - I REALLY hope those rumors this summer about Liev Schreiber cheating on you were not true, cuz I love you both. What else do I love? That flapperesque sparkly numbah you're wearing. It'th delightful.

Michael Fassbender? When I look at you in this suit, all I can hear is Beyonce singing "To the left! To the left! Everything you have in your pants to the left!" That shit ain't right, but in the best way possible....

That Shit Ain't Right - Evil

I don't know what it is about Katherine Heigl, but I have an almost visceral reaction every time I see a photo of her. Cannot STAND the woman. Her slicked back hurr, bewbs a-plenty and leg-o-mutton in your face is no exception. BLECH.

What in the name of Sweet Baby Jesus is going on with Christina Aguilera???? So she's gained a little weight - so what. What REALLY concerns me is her hair and makeup. Won't someone PLEASE stage a beauty product/hair color intervention with girlfriend???? Seriously. It is tragic. Anytime I have seen her sans makeup, or with very little, I cannot believe it's even the same person. She looks 10 years younger without all of the crap on her face - SO much better. Come on girl, you cannot REALLY think this 47 year old divorcee out on the town after work look is working for you, can you????

Blake Lively hits the red carpet for the premiere of her new movie: "Nancy Kerrigan: The Day the Skating Stopped."

Seriously, Ed Westwick - STOP MAKING THIS FACE. It's CREEPY.

Let's end on a funny, shall we (I mean, besides that skating costume above)... Oh how I miss the days of In Living Color, when I would patiently wait for the show to start, hit record on the VCR, then a) try to recreate the Fly Girls' ensembles (cutoff denim shorts? check. over the knee socks with garters? check check. bustier? check check check. black hat with netting? yup, that too), and b) watch their routine overandover until I learned that week's dance. True story. ILC was pretty ground-breaking for its time, and my favey fave characters? Men On Film, aka Blane Edwards and Antoine Meriweather. That shit ain't right. Enjoy. Happy Thanksgiving!



Jenny @ Spry On The Wall said...

Happy Thanksgiving! In Living Color was my fave!

Hailey said...

HAHAHA Love that Katherine Heigl is in the evil section. That dress she is wearing is definetly not flattering.

Killer post! Very, VERY funny!

Girlie Blogger said...

Love Jennifer Hudson's dress. She is all kinds of fabulous.

MerciBlahBlah said...

Jenny - you too - hope you had a great day.

Hailey - why THANK you, love!

Girlie - I concur, madam.

a Wildcat said...

Jennifer looks amazing.