Wednesday, October 19, 2011

WWD: Real Housewives

Thing 1: My sweater - which is awesome - is one of the things that Amy gave me on our weekend to The Lou last week. I love it.

Thing 2: It was better in theory (or maybe actually in person) with these shorts than in photos. I think the brocade pattern is more subtle in real life. Hence, I don't love it as much in these photos as I did in reality.

Speaking of reality, is anyone else watching the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills this season? Does anyone else HATE Kyle this season and love Camille (I mean, besides me and SGM)???
Seriously - when did Kyle become a delusional bitch? Or was she always one and I was just blinded by her glorious hair?
This quote, from last week's recap on Gawker, made me pee myself with delight:

"I always thought Kyle was a phony with vast bitch reserves under those flaccid jowls and arms, but last night she proved herself to be nothing more than a used condom filled with bitch jam and tied off at the top and covered with rhinestones and a thin veneer of spray tan."

Comment from Gawker's recap 

That. Is. Priceless.

Or Pritheleth, if you have a lithp.

And I'm not gonna lie - I feel a little dirty getting so sucked into RHOBH in light of the fact that Taylor Armstrong's husband killed himself a few months ago, but does it stop me from watching?
I wish I could say yes.
I sincerely hope that does not put me in the "...used condom filled with bitch jam and tied off at the top and covered with rhinestones and a thin veneer of spray tan..." category.

But if it does, at least I still have a thin veneer of spray tan left, at least when these photos were taken, and really, isn't that all that REALLY matters?

Nothing but the hard hitting stuff here on MBB, folks. Have a good one,  yo.

Sweater: Nine West, thrifted and gifted
Shorts: The Limited
Boots: Lauren Conrad for Kohl's
Belt: Thrifted
Ring, Earrings and Necklace: F21, gifted (fanks,  Ames)



Stacy said...

You certainly aren't the only one who is watching. Bravo has be glued. So glad you're back.

Mrs. Kat said...

Can we talk about hot much of a hot mess Kim is? I'm totally team Brandy on the hole high as a kite thing!

Bri said...

kyle...super wenchy this season. but damn if she doesn't have some nice hair. sigh.

MerciBlahBlah said...

Stacy - I know. Bravo ALWAYS sucks me in...

Mrs. Kat - I have to say I have a soft spot for Kim ever since I saw her in Tuff Turf in 1980-something. I feel badly for her because she obviously has some kind of substance abuse issue, but Kyle? Is another story altogether. I'm not sayin I love Brandi, but I actually feel badly for her.

Bri - Kyle's hair IS glorious, isn't it?

SGM said...

AUGH! I commented yesterday, I swear I did. I think Kyle hacked into my computer and prevented me from spreading my message of Kyle Dislike to the world. Foiled again, Kyle! Nothing can stop me from commenting on Shannan's blog.
(I agree with you on everything.)

Boutique on Feet said...

Following from Google friends!! From one fashion blogger to another . . . lovin' what I'm seeing so far!!

Linda said...

the only word i can think of when i read this and look at your outfit is ridiculous. and not the kind of ridiculous that is bad, but the kind that is just way too awesome that it is just absolutely ridiculous. i mean those boots! those shorts? the sweater!?! what the hey!
and you are ridiculously hilarious.
love the bag, love the shoes, love everything, love to! :)