Monday, October 31, 2011

WWD: Girls' Night

Wore this to work on Friday, and then to go out with my friend Gina (A Non Desperate Housewife). We met at the new Kate Spade store, then motored to Story for dinner. Sadly, my homegirl SGM was not able to meet up with us. Next time, mama - Next. Time.

Also? The Hubs and I watched THE WEIRDEST new show this weekend - An American Horror Story. It's FX's newest show with Dylan McDermott (homina homina), Connie Britton, Frances Conroy (the mom from one of my all time favorite shows, Six Feet Under), and Jessica Lange, among other creepy characters.
After only one episode, I have NO IDEA what is going on or where they could possibly head, but any series that shows Dylan McDermott's naked arse is a-okay with me.
Oh, oh, oh, and also? I made a NOM-NOM dinner Sunday night: butternut squash soup and apple and goat cheese tart.
Did I remember to take photographic evidence of said meal? Of COURSE not.
STILL loving these new jeans from F21, and I am proud to say I think I have worn them about 4 days in a row. True story.
Want another truism? The video below? ROCKS. From Lost Boys, the original teen vampire flick (suck it, Twilight).

Happy Halloween!


Paula said...

Fun, fun! And how was Story?

SGM said...

I love all of this post.

PLUS, you must start with AHS from the beginning. That show occupies 90% of my thoughts on a daily basis. So freeeeaky! Episodes 1-4 are showing tonight starting at 10pm (maybe 9 your time?). DVR it, Shan. For reals, it's the weirdest thing I've ever seen.

Next time for sure!

MerciBlahBlah said...

Paula - Story was delish. Twas the second time I've been (the first was with the Hubs). Yum yum in my tum - I highly recommend it.

Emily - Oh, I've already scouted out and seen that FX is running all the eps - the DVR is patiently awaiting them. What does this say about me that my other favorite show is Dexter? SO glad to hear that someone else out there can talk about the weirdness of AHS with me. I mean, if you're not going to talk about the OTHER scariest show on TV - RHOBH - anymore. HMMMPFH.


Emmett Katherine said...

I really like the blouse/blazer/necklace combo going on in this outfit. And I love your friend's blog name non desperate housewife! Made me laugh!!!

Liv said...

Aaahhh... love The Lost Boys. Actually my favorite Halloweentime song is another Echo track, The Killing Moon. Soooo good.