Tuesday, September 13, 2011

WWD: There's Something Strange Afoot At the Circle K, aka My Left Foot

Can I just say that the fact that I'm wearing flats on a Monday (I know, I know - you're seeing these on Tuesday, but that's how I roll), well, it just feels wrong. Mondays should be high heels days, what with it being the first day of the work week and all.

However, SOMEONE (this guy) decided to take an Extreme Boot Camp class over the weekend, and did something to jack up my foot. Hence, flats on Monday.

I don't know what the hell I did - we didn't do anything I haven't done before, but my left foot decided it did not want to play nicely with the rest of my body, so it is rebelling by being Extreme Boot Camp sore and swollen. Thanks a lot, jackass. And by "jackass," I clearly mean "foot."
Not to mention that I don't love these shoes with this outfit to begin with, so there's that too.
I DO, however, continue to love my Revlon "Love That Pink" lipstick. How could you not, with a name like that? I think it's a requirement.
And, and, annnnd I am continuing my love affair with navy and orange, thanks to this Zara shirt courtesy of me sis, and these Dickies pants, courtesy of K Mart. Yes, I said Dickies AND K Mart. Suck on THAT.
Hey, that's just me, keeping it Klassy.
Pants: Dickies, K Mart (Ditto above)
Shoes: Target
Necklace: World Market
Earrings, Gold and Turquaaaz Bracelet: F21
Other Bracelet: Giftie from my sissie



oomph. said...

love the top and necklace! nothin wrong with the dickies! they are thick and durable and keep things in their place!

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