Wednesday, September 14, 2011

WWD: Score. A Direct Hit.

So I was going to talk about the Missoni for Target debacle, and the fact that their site has been down almost all day, and stores were sold out early (though I can't complain TOO much, since I was able to score my top three items at 8 a.m.).

What irks me the most is the fact that right now, eBay has 17,607 Missoni for Target items listed, from people who bought scores of items simply to resell them. Really, Target? You couldn't put a cap on the number of items customers could buy from each store?
And should eBay have some responsibility in this? I don't know - I was so excited for this line - maybe more so than any other specialty line Target has carried, and the whole thing has left a bad taste in my mouth.

Then again, maybe you're reading this thinking "Shut the hell up, Shannan, you already SAID you got what you wanted," but I'm really curious to hear what anyone else thinks about the Missoni for Target cluster.

So let's hear it. Did you go out early yesterday to your local Target? Score what you wanted? Fight other crazy customers trying to score what THEY wanted? Have any luck online?

In other news, the clutch I'm carrying here is a Nixon Smith clutch that I won from the lovely Laura at Hollywood Housewife. Can I just say that I have never owned a purse this nice in my life? Seriously. I've never WON anything this nice. Thank you SO MUCH for the opportunity, Miz Thang!!

Dress: Macy's
Vest: F21
Shoes: Target
Clutch: Nixon, thanks to a drawring on Hollywood Housewife (DOPE, HUH???)
Earrings: F21
Belt as Bracelet: Target


Anonymous said...

I was able to grab the flats (which was the only thing I had to have). You make a good point about limiting the number per store.

Noe @ ADELLA AVENUE said...

I can see why some people are frustrated, but ultimately I don't think Target is to blame. They could have set a limit (good point), but I'm sure the people who wanted to, would have found a way around it. Apart from that, it's clothes and not food. I'm glad you got what you wanted! I'm on the hunt for a few pieces myself, but rumor has it Target will restock some stores. Here's to hoping!

MerciBlahBlah said...

Noe - you're exactly right - it isn't life or death - it's shopping. I was just annoyed at how the whole thing went down with SO much hype before hand and apparently not enough forthought into just how crazy people would be for the line. I was really glad to see a Missoni for Free Trade (or something similar) facebook page where you can go and possibly find items that haven't been marked up to buy or trade.

Natassja said...

I was SO excited when I heard about the Missoni for Target line, and then SO sad when I realized that Target doesn't exist where I live:( I'm sad (but not surprised, it's like the new IT toy for grownups) to hear that people went all Black Friday with it and bought out the whole store before people could get their top pics--but I'm glad you got all the stuff you wanted :)

Peetzi Jen said...

All I wanted was One. Damn. Blanket.

I couldn't make it to my local store so I tried to get in online. We all know how that turned out. I then did a search to check the availability of it at any of my local stores...TWELVE stores and not one had a single one in stock.

I gave up. And had a glass of wine or two instead. There will always be another blanket, right?

Paula said...

I didn't even bother to go to the store yesterday assuming it would be utter chaos. No flats or fun clothes for me; however, the OP Target still has lots for little girls... the dresses were adorable!