Wednesday, August 17, 2011

WWD: Tomorrow People

Two things: what the hell is up with my posture? I look like a damn Olsen twin with all the hunching going on.

Thing two? In light of the fact that I have gotten extremely lazy with my hair (read: I haven't done anything to it in the past few days aside from wash it on Saturday and re-spritz it with water and Surf Spray every morning since then) I have decided to become a Rastafarian.
I expect to see dreadlocks any day now.
Okay, that's not true at all. Especially since I FINALLY washed my hurr again Tuesday night. AND BLEW IT DRY. I know - stop the presses.
The ironic thing is, when I take the time to dry my hair properly and straighten it, I could easily go four days wivout washing. Skeeved out? Sorry. Don't hate the playa, hate the Gee Your Hair Smells Terrific (i.e. Carol's Daughter Monoi Repairing Conditioner). Seriously folks - when I use that stuff, my hair smells like sunshine and angel's wings.
I'm actually digging this messy half-curly beach waves look I've been sporting, especially since it takes so little effort. It's definitely a good summer hurrdo.
Also loving? No shoes for my photos. Quick story: last week I ran into a lady who works in the same building I do, and it was a day I was wearing flat sandals. I walked by her, and she said "You're SHORT!" and I said, "Yep, I'm not wearing my 5-inchers today." It's funny - I don't think about my height (5'2") because typically I'm wearing heels, but with my J Simpson Dany's, I'm 5'7. Fo realz. I can always tell the difference when I wear flats, because I have to stand on my tiptoes sometimes to use the copy machine at work, and I can't see over the counter at the coffee shop AT ALL.

Wasn't that fascinating? You're welcome. Come back tomorrow for another installment of The Young and the Shoeless.

Dress: Target
Top: F21

Necklace: World Market
Bracelet, Earrings: F21

WOWM: Work Out With Me



Nichole @ Parlour said...

I love, love, love the wavy do on you! I think you should keep it!

oomph. said...

ok, i need this top to go with the free people denims i just bought! and the necklace, too? pls. thanks.


SR said...

Your hair look frickin fantastic like that!!!

MerciBlahBlah said...

Well I just may have to wear my hair like this more often, if along with being super easy, it brings such nice compliments!!

Becks - yes, yes you do. Those damn flares are fan-frigging-tastic.


Carly said...

you look SO bohemian fabulous girl.
Love that cardi/shirt see thru number...I want one TOO!!!!