Wednesday, August 3, 2011

WWD: Parts Is Parts. Or Farts.

This is going to be a random post of jibberish, as opposed to yesterday's HILARIOUS, well-thought out post (if I say so myself - I am nothing if not humble). So we saw The Tourist this weekend, or should I say I saw about the first hour, before I could not STOMACH Angelina Jolie one more minute and took a snooze. She was so frigging annoying to me in that movie - with her fake British accent (a la Madonna), her prim and proper wardrobe - all of her gloves drove me to the brink of insanity, and her horrible hurrdos - seriously, it was Wella Balsam circa 1977 all up in there. It was Judith Krantz's Scruples Monday night movie of the week all up in there. Even Johnny Depp - whom I normally ADORE - annoyed me. Go figure.

So that's the end of THAT rant. Let's talk Jeff Lewis, shall we? Is anyone else besides me and SGM watching Flipping Out? LOOOOVE. Him. Dude is 187 kinds of neurotically funny, and his boyfriend Gage? Is like Seth Meyer's adorably droll, charming gay brother. Don't take my word for it. Check it yourself:

 His brotha from anotha motha Seth Meyer


So this outfit is also random bits and pieces thrown together, but UNLIKE The Tourist, methinks it works.
I said it last week and I'll say it again in light of today's 110 FRIGGING DEGREE TEMPS - I cannot be bothered to wear anything constricting, and this easy breeze shirt (a birfday gift from Amy Bo Bamy) is tho light and floaty. I like it paired wif last year's Target shorts and shoesies, the gold spike necklathe that I won from Design Spark ages ago, and a new coral necklace that my sis brought back for me from Sardinia. Sadly, she has been forced to spend this week at the Amalfi Coast in Italy, just a week after returning from France. She actually had the BALLS to complain TO ME - mother of three crazy toddlers who just tie dyed my effing sheets, that she NEEDED A VACATION because it has been SOOOO RAINY in Germany this summer. Seriously folks, my sister takes a frigging vacation every other week. She has been to Croatia, Sardinia, France, Prague, Italy, and I'm sure I'm missing a few other spots. POOR BABY.
I TOLD you this post was going to jump all over the place. Let's talk about something else: the fact that Simon (the prime tie-dyer) just farted on my not once but TWICE with his naked arse. Against my back. So I could, like, feel it flapping against me. I mean, I can appreciate a fart as much as the next 11 year old boy, but TWICE? With his NAKED ARSE?
As we speak, in fact, it is Naked Time in our casa, and both boys are sitting right next to me, hands on weenies (of course). They cannot be naked without holding onto a handle, so to speak. Please tell me, those of you who have boys, that mine are not the ONLY ones who do this.
New bracelet that I got from a friend who works at the coffee shop across the street from my office. She made it - COOOOOOL, huh?
In closing, I have no words whatsoever to sum this post up. Now if you'll excuse me, I need to go stick a cork up Simon's arse so he STOPS THE FARTING. Seriously. It has been three times just since I started typing this post. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, I say.

Ohhh, one last random thing: 236 FOLLOWERS???? Come ON! I have been at that number for like - EVER. Can't I generate a few more followers in da house?! Arrrggghhh!!!

Shirt: Gift from Amy Bo Bamy - lubs!
Shorts/Shoes: Target
Bracelet: Friend - Thank you Ashley!
Coral necklace: Gift from my Sissie - thanks Jen - love love love you!
Gold spike necklace: Design Spark

WOWM: Work Out With Me



Sarah said...

Boys love their parts. My 3 year old prefers to be naked as well and when he is, always holding on to the handle. And doing lots of examining and pulling and talking about it.

Jenny said...

Adore that top! I hear you on the hot - 104 today with heat index of 110, misery. Oh you know that I'm watching Flipping Out and loving Gage too! I got a bit teary when he fired Sarah last night, I mean she's the loveable eff up. (at least you've cracked 100 on your followers - I'm stuck on 76 until the end of days lol)

Rhianna said...

Cute outfit!

I love Flipping Out and Jeff Lewis, but I am not really liking Gage.

Pyjammy Pam said...

1. love the scruples shout-out. best trashy novel everrrr!

2. yes. they hold on to the handles. one of mine in particular goes for it whenever he is unclothed. ah, boys. at least you have a girl to break it up.

this free bird said...

farting, angie, hot shoes, the almafi coast and more farting all in one post? YOU'RE AMAZING

Rach said...

Bahaha I wouldn't see the tourist specifically because of Angelina's character. I like her in kick ass movies, but the I don't know how you survive 100 something degree temps. My face would melt off and I would be a hot freaking mess. Love the shoes!

MerciBlahBlah said...

Thank the LORD ours aren't the only boys holding on to their wanks at any moment.


Noe @ ADELLA AVENUE said...

Love the outfit with those shoes... and that bracelet is for sure rad. You have a super-talented friend. Hop the heat has let up a little for you!