Thursday, August 4, 2011

WWD: EXCUSE ME, Sir?????!!!

Here's another look I saw in In Style mag eons ago that I knew I wanted to knock off. I love love LOOOOOVE it. Thank you Kate Bosworth.

And here's my spin on it:
I wish my pants were not quite so baggy, but ah well, whaddaya gonna do? All in all, I think it's a pretty damn good likeness, no?
Speaking of Grover Cleveland, what would you IMMEDIATELY think if I were to say the word "dingle?" Mmm-hmmmm - BERRY, right? And then you would probably giggle (or maybe that's just me). 
Last week I was pulling up to an estate sale, and parked in front of the house was a PT Cruiser with the license plate "DINGLE." Seriously? That's what you're gonna go with? DINGLE???? And just to make sure other driver's knew exactly who the dingle was, there was also a sticker above the plate that read "Mr. Dingle's PT."
I saw the man getting in when I left, and he was an older gentleman, so I can only assume he has no idea what the term "dingleberry" actually means. For reals though, hasn't that term been around since my grandma fell off her dinosaur? I MEAN REALLY. Mr. Dingle's PT????? Blech.
Does anyone else NOT know what that term means? I almost felt like it was my civic duty to pull him aside before he got in and explain it, but I decided against it. I mean, I didn't want to embarrass him anymore than he already embarrassed himself. 

A great big ole THANK YOU to Miz November Grey, who just sent me a Jouer makeup kit that I won in a giveaway on  her blog. Got it yesterday and can't wait to use it this morning. I love love LOVE the soft, neutral palette, and the lipgloss? Pure nude perfection.

Thank you, Miz Thang!

Tank, Shoes, Belt (as bracelet): Target
Pants: T.J. Maxx
Urrings: Gift from Amy Bo Bamy, and my current favey urrings

WOWM: Work Out With Me
Ya'll ready for dis?



Jenny said...

You did an excellent job on the outfit - looks great! BTW, one of this gal's pet peeves is personalized license plates. I do drive a PT Cruiser and it's not a shock that the dude was old. My husband calls my car an "old person" car. Well it didn't seem that way when I bought it 11 years ago. He won't even sit in it - lol!

Julie said...

Your inspired outfit is perfect! I love it. I have an audi and once thought i'd get a vanity license plate that said haudi, but then I thought, what if people think I mean hottie instead of howdy. If they thought the former, that would be douchey. So, I scrapped the whole idea.

MerciBlahBlah said...

Jenny, Jenny - I personally like PT Cruisers, old people car or not. It's the dinglicious license plate I take issue with. that's funny that your hubs won't sit in yours!!

Julie - danke, mama! Hey, you may have just hit on something - the perfect personalized plate? DOUCHEY.


Carly said...

You were meant to wear this outfit one way or another..inspiration from Kate or not. Craziness that you have almost identical pieces. love the look.
Happy weekend.

this free bird said...

You killed it! Perfect match



Geez...dead ringer! Great job on the outfit!!


Scorpion Disco said...

haha poor mr. dingle. womp womp. your outfit is really a great re-creation of kates! good work!!!