Thursday, August 25, 2011

WWD: Brocade-y

I was going to post photos of the "sparkly" black jacket that I talked about yesterday, but when I went through them to apply the Picnik airbrush feature (a girl's best friend), I realized they were H to the O to the riffic. Homegirl looked ROUGH. Lucky for you and me BOTH I had some more pics in the pipe.

I love these metallic silver brocade shorts that my sis got me for my bday last year. I wasn't so sure about them at first; they were very stiff and brocade-y, but after washing them twelvity-five times, they have softened up nicely. What? brocade-y is a word. Look it up.

Putting them together with this tunic, which I actually got for my mom for Christmas a few years ago after she liked the exact same one I had (becept in a sand color), and then she gave it back to me because she never wore it (HMMMPFH), I realized the two pieces were MADE for each other. Like peas and carrots (blech). Like peanut butter and jelly (delicious, unless it is in "Goober" brand form, which DISGUSTS me for some reason). Like Fruit Loops and Hershey's syrup (don't knock it until you've tried it).

I like how the slightly Morroccan pattern in the shorts goes with the silver sequin paisley on the tunic, and come on, that peacock color? What was I thinking buying myself SAND, when I could've gotten PEACOCK. It's peacockulous.

And, and, annnnnd I thought the neutral pumps made it more work appropriate, though my flat sandals could work too.

Okay, I am completely distracted now because I just read about a HUGE MULTI-FAMILY GARAGE SALE on Craigslist that apparently has everything I have ever needed in my life. I've got to GO so I can get my chillrun's fed and get sale-ing. 

Tunic: T.J. Maxx, eons ago
Shorts: The Limited
Earrlings: F21
Shoes: Steve Madden

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oomph. said...

cool shoes!! i actually like the stiffness of brocade...doesn't wrinkle like linen. i have to say PB & J do have a slightly different consistency in goober form, but it's a must for's one less bottle to carry :)


laura @ hollywood housewife said...

Ooooh, I love the brocade shorts! I actually brocade anything, but in shorts form they're definitely more modern. And I like how you've paired it with the bright tunic - unexpected and bold. Love it!

(thanks for participating in the link up)

alexandra said...

I've seen brocade skirts and cigarette pants but the shorts are fabulous! If The Limited is listening, reissue the shorts for another collection!

Jenny said...

Love this outfit - those shorts, I die! That color blue is gorgeous on you! Find anything good at the garage sale? I'm preparing for the huge kids consignment sale at the church up the road. I've got piles of stuff to consign and I can't wait to score some major goodies for the little one. Less than 3 weeks and counting...