Friday, August 26, 2011

Girl Crush: Rosie Huntington-Whitely

I know, I know - she looks like a Victoria's Secret model - oh, wait - she IS a Victoria's Secret model??? Jerk. No matter - I have been loving what she is wearing on the red carpet lately. That drapey hot pink column below is sick. And the drapey silver backless dress? And the drapey navy halter? Ditto and DITTO.

Check out the back of that bad boy. Guh. Loves the twisty strappy thing. What I think I love even more? When she wears less formal dresses, like the tiger number she wore to the MTV Movie Awards.
Those shoes? Would make me slap my mama. But wait - that's not ALL. Check out my favorite in all the land - the SICK 70s-inspired day dress, caramel boots and bag, and the aviators - LORD HELP ME, the aviators (in my opinion the COOLEST sunglasses evah). Don't take my word for it though - just watch some episodes of CHIPs, and you'll see what I mean.

Seriously though - that photo above is like a frigging magazine editorial, and not an "oh, you just caught me at the airport and I look better than everyone else alive" paparazzi snap. Jerkity erk. What? I can have a crush and still think she's a damn jerk. That shit ain't right.

Happy Friday, yo!



Paula said...

Wow, talk about some gorgeous looks. And you should recreate the last two looks!

Carly said...

LOVING the Naeem Khan silver stunner w open back..I have seen the dress up close in person (I know the PR rep) and it is BEYOND amazing. And her in it...well thats just unfair.