Wednesday, July 27, 2011

WWD: The Real WHAT of NYC?

Good. Gawd. I just sat through part one of the Real Housewives of NYC reunion, and I don't know how Andy Cohen does it. That was a big fucking bowl of crazy.

I don't know how this is possible, but the two I liked the most were Sonja (duh) and Ramoner. WHAT? I know. That whole left couch need ta build a bridge and get over themselves. What was up with NO ONE letting Alex speak? They talk to her like she is lower than low. She's not my favorite by any stretch, but she does seem intelligent. What is their problem with her turning red when she is stressed (as if she can control that)?
After this season, I can't believe I ever liked Jill ZAAAArin. That woman is a bitch on wheels. I would even go so far as to say she's a C U Next Tuesday. That's how much I dislike her.
As much as the show drove me crazy, will I watch part two? Hells yes, but for the love of Bethanny Frankel, bring back the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Mr. Cohen!! I also thought it was interesting that they are STILL talking about Bethanny, and that Jill is  saying Ramoner was trying to keep she and Bethanny apart in one breath, and that she "ambushed" her in trying to get the two together to talk, in the next breath. Ugh.
Now I'm all hopped up on Housewives, and I need to go to bed, cuz it is WAY past my bedtime. Shit on a shingle, I'm going to be tossing and turning for an hour trying to wind down from the craziness.
And CLEARLY, their crazy has affected my language. If ONLY I had the manners of the Countess (who's smarmy, smirky face I wanted to slap a few times in the course of the show). Don't even get me started on Kelly Killoooopy Bensimone.
Did anyone else watch The Crazy? Let's hear your thoughts in the comments, peeps. Who'd ya like? Hate? Secretly love? SPILL.

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Mrs. Kat said...

I feel bad for Alex too! No wonder she has outbursts at inappropriate times. Because no one ever lets her talk! And Luann was the one keeping Jill away from Bethanny, not Ramona! Ugh, I can't stand Luann!

Jenny said...

Oh sweet Jesus - I can't believe I ever liked Jill either. I swear I'm solidly on the "blondes" side (who ever thought I would favor Alex and Ramoner - but hey). The countess is a douche, she's a prententious snob who needs a big ol' slice of humble pie. By the way I totally adore Bethenny, and remember she's still friends with Alex and Ramoner and I feel she's a pretty good judge of character so that's why I'm on their side.

Paula said...

Wrong time, wrong place! Awwww... I still haven't finished watching the reunion - had to turn the crazies off for a bit.

oomph. said...

ok, i watched the very first season ever of housewives (OC??) and didn't mind them so much...but i hate how their bitchiness increased ten fold with each new season. had a chance to watch NJ...them are some crazy bitches, too!


Courtnee said...

It was almost unwatchable. Almost;) I really can't stand Sonja. I don't understand why she's talking about her marriage falling this season when she was randomly dating last seasonO_O I think Ramona was totally out of line bring up LuAnn's daughter. The only one I can kind of stomach is Alex. I'm with NPH get rid of 'em all!

this free bird said...


the end

and I LOVE JILL ZARIN who has been demonized by the ultimate demon user herself - initials b.f. - for far too long.

thank you and good night.