Thursday, July 14, 2011

WWD: Just Call Me Ross

So I visited Over-Exuberant-Tanner-Lady the night before our big meeting, at a salon I had not been to before for spray tans. Mistake. Biiiig Orange Ross Geller Mistake.

No no, that's not me above. That's actually Ross. I'm the one with the five-o'clock shadow below.
I should've known something was up when she didn't give me lotion to put on the bottoms of my feet so the tan would come off easier. Nope. Nothing. Now they're a disgusting brownish black.
Maybe the fact that she seemed to be spraying in concentrated areas for loooong periods of time should've tipped me off. Nope, not this guy. I still didn't get it.
I DID start to get suspicious when she mentioned a girl she had just sprayed a few days before who complained about dots on her FACE a few days later.
At least I match my dress, so there's that.
Unfortunately I didn't notice my five o'clock shadow until I was in the car driving to work, and started frantically trying to scrub it off with spit on a Kleenex. That was AFTER these photos were taken, so lucky you, you get to see it.
Kids, take my advice. If it doesn't feel right, it probably ISN'T right. Just say NO to bad spray tans.
Especially the night before a giant meeting at work. Le Sigh.

I had no idea this week's Every Body/Every Wear challenge was yellow, so who knew I fit in head to toe? Check out some other fab entries with your peepers here:

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Dress: Rachel Roy
Shoes: J Simp Dany's 
Earrings: World Market
Bracelets: F21, Macy's, Gift
Rings: F21



Mrs. Kat said...

I've been there in ompa loompa land so I feel for you. Try to exfoliate like crazy. Will anyone notice if you wear a burka to your meeting?

Dale said...

hehehe..This post made me laugh because I've definitely been there before too. Many times. :) But your outfit and heels are SO hot. You look great overall minus a few messed up tanner spots. :) Where the tan went right, it does look like a good color though. Love your accessories too.
Following you now, nice honest funny post!


this free bird said...

OMG 'five o'clock shadow' *dies*

I would have rolled up there and socked her square in the eye!

and then i'd be seated next to casey anthony. wrong state.


Meagan said...

Who would even notice your tan when you're wearing such a fabulous dress and amazing shoes??

Cathy said...
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