Friday, July 22, 2011

Stuff We Would Kiss On the Mouf: A Good Sale

ASOS, for these sales we are about to receive, we thank thee. If you're anything like me, you get to the middle of a season and start thinking about clothing for the NEXT season, but like Miss South Carolina says, "I personally belieeeve that here in the Americas, you can buy clothing for one season and let it carry you through to the next." Okay, maybe Miss South Carolina wasn't quite that coherent, but I DO believe these little numbers CAN carry you right on through. Stay with me here.

Pair these babies with nautical stripes, a fitted blazer, and a scarf, et voila!

I'm seeing this with a little leatha, some skinny cargos, a long sleeve tee, and funky jurreys. Duh - always funky jurreys.

Swing dress with necklace
Pair this with tights, boots, a military jacket, and you're good ta go.

Vila Maxi Skirt
Hmmmm, I think a tank, chunky sweater, and some Frye's, and this is POYFECT for those, "brrrr, it's COLD here on the beach evenings."

...and just in case you've forgotten exactly just how eloquent Miss South Carolina is, I present her to you here for your viewing pleasure. Don't blame me if you lose a few brain cells, such as.

WOWM: Work Out With Me. 
After yesterday's hellish workout, I thought I'd take it easy today with this one.



November Grey said...

I absolutely LOVE those red pants! PS - Happy Friday! You won the makeup giveaway! xx

Paula said...

I need the Vila Maxi Skirt! Gorgeous and yes, def perfect for cold beach nights! And Ms. SC... wow. um, just wow.

And that workout seems doable.

Noe @ ADELLA AVENUE said...

The swing dress looks like the perfect thing to throw on for a night out. Love the idea to pair with a military jacket, too!

Bre said...

I love a chunky sweater paired with shorts or a skirt in summer. Oh and thank you for the video of Miss South Carolina. I feel SO much smarted now. Sad though really. I hope her nerves just got the better if her.