Friday, July 15, 2011

Stuff I Would Kiss On the Mouf: The Low Down

True story: I LOVE Low Luv by Erin Wasson jurreys. I love the slightly vintage, slightly knocked-about feel of it, like you found it in the jewelry box of your older sister's best friend who is prone to wearing Led Zeppelin tee shirts and smoking behind the school with the rest of the freaks (that's what we called them in high school).

I'm a sucka for a knucka ring.

Oooooh, Moooonstone - PRETTY.

I love the rough stuff. Crystal, that is. Get yo mind out the gutter.

Long Wood? This one's too easy.

Lookit that - a necklace to wear with my dream car when I win the Power Ball - a pink '57 T-Bird convertible with leopard print interior.

Gladiator Cuff

This one'll look PERFECT on Russell Crow in his leather dress and sandals.
Happy Friday, and Happy Shopping!



I j'adore that rough crystal ring! Great picks!


this free bird said...

Lose yourself in the thunderbird necklace. I picked up an eagle with dangly things from shopbop (carey has it too and i'm nowhere near as cool as her in it)--and shan it is off the CHAIN!! like flying off the chain cool.

you neeeeeeed.


this free bird said...

omg the russell crow line damn near slayed me!!

oomph. said...

i'll gladly take one of each! i'm in search of a new knuckle/armour ring since mine broke!