Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Girl Crush Blog Love

Came across Madam de Rosa through the rabbit hole recently and L-O-V-E her sexy slouchy boho casual style. Girlfriend is SMOKIN hawt. Don't take my word for it though - check her with your own damn peepers.

This outfit kills me dead. That buttery soft suede skirt? Crazy. Bananas.

That sh!t ain't right.

Ditto comment above.

This dress + that hat + that jewelry = Awesome Sauce

 The accessories? THE HURR???? I just peed myself.

Neon and Nautical? Who'd have thunk?



amy * stem * said...

Is she real? She cannot possibly be real. Guh.

Lilac Skin said...

hah! I agree, too good to be true! No no, I'm just jealous! :) Major girl crush over this side of the world too! xo

Emmett Katherine said...

Thanks for sharing this blog! I had not stumbled across it yet :)