Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Girl Crush Blog Love: Bodyrock TV

Thanks to Mel for introducing me to Zuzana and Freddie at Bodyrock TV. They are insanely fit people who share free video workouts, recipes, and inspiration. I immediately became obsessed when I went onto their site. You will understand why when you take a gander below...

What I like about her videos is that for the most part they seem short but horrific. I mean intense. Like 15 - 20 minutes short. I started on Sunday night, and did this workout. About a minute into it I thought I might DIE. It was sheer torture, but at the end of it (it took about 20 minutes total), I was sweating the way I am by the end of a turbokick class, which up to now has been the most intense workout I have ever done.

My goal is to try to do a workout a day and see where that gets me, and tweak my diet at the same time so I'm eating healthier on a routine basis. I eat WAY too much processed crap.

If you are looking for something to get you motivated, Bodyrock is just the ticket. Get thee hence and rock yo body!


oomph. said...

oh, damn. yup. if these workouts are gonna give me that body, i'm IN!