Wednesday, June 1, 2011

WWD: Vintage, aka Way Back Wednesday

This sartorial statement is almost entirely vintage (the dress, courtesy of Ames, and the necklathe, courtesy of eBay). The word sartorial reminds me of a boss I had at a job from hell.

It was a pretty prestigious company in town, but my department was the definition of dysfunctional. The kind of place where a mistake I made my first month on the job was dredged up several times over the course of my employment (and by "mistake" I mean "totally NOT a mistake, but someone was looking for me, and it was on my calendar where I was, which was on my counter for the entire department to see, but they failed to check my calendar"). The kind of place where people seemingly tallied how many times you used the restroom in a day; the kind of place where they encouraged you to do volunteer service, okay'd it when you did, and then used it as a negative on your performance review as being "out of the office too much." Pretty effed up shit, in my opinion. 

The head of our department was a British woman in her mid-40s, and the kind who could cut you to the core in her very pleasant, proper British way. It was so proper, in fact, that you didn't REALIZE you had been cut to the core until some time later, when you replayed it in your head and thought "HEY! What did she say to me?!!"

It was at a department retreat that she went around the room and made a comment about each of us (and by "comment" I mean "snarky little dig"), and when she got to me, said something along the lines of "Shannan, your sartorial statements never cease to entertain us," or some such nonsense.

I had never even heard the word sartorial before. I had to frigging look it up, for the love of Captain Kangaroo. Needless to say, when I did, I was slightly offended, but that was par for the course.

When I left the company, I wrote a scathing letter to her, giving my 2 weeks' notice, to which she told me I could go ahead and pack my shit and go. Oh, and she added, I trust you won't be talking to anyone else in the department about why you're leaving? Uh, yeah. I'll get right on that, beyotch.  I was never so glad to go work for engineers as I was when I left that place - who'd have thunk?

In honor of Way Back Wednesday, I leave you with another of my favorite songs from back in the day. Enjoy.

Dress/Necklace: Vintage
Shoes: J Simp Dany's
Earrings/Ring/Bracelets: F21



High Heels & Good Meals! said...

Cute dress, vintage it is! Love the shoes and LOVE LOVE that song...reminds me of when I was little!

TokenBlonde said...

Haha, I love this post. And I had to go look up sartorial as well.
I'd also like to add that I am loving the new bod! You look amazing, woman.


That necklace makes me bonkers...I love it!! Okay, now brace yourself....I tried out to cheerleading my freshman year to this song. Awww memories!!



ps. did I say how I totally rocked it?!!

Jenny said...

Oh man, I LOVE this outfit - you look amazing! That boss sounds like she was seriously jealous and insecure. I just love people like that - gag. Maegan said...

Thank you for your fabulous b-day wishes! I love that you always know my song choices!! It makes me smile every time, lol. And seriously, I WANT THAT NECKLACE!!!

oomph. said...

dude, you're rocking some pretty amazing dresses these days! i'm amazing how some people become bosses...i mean, di'nt they get no training?? lol.


In a word? NECKLACE xo

this free bird said...

I love your entire outfit. And I hope that beyotch is reading RIGHT NOW. What a ho.