Tuesday, June 21, 2011

WWD: Thankful

I thought it was time to do another thankful post. It's been a while, and I have been in such a foul mood lately that I need to visually remind myself of those things that make life a little better, trivial or not. Here they are, in no particular order.

1. My new vest: Hey, I never said the things I'm thankful for are all going to be earth-shattering. Just get used to seeing this puppy around blogland, cuz it's my new favorite article of clothing. I love how hippie flowy it is, and am already planning to wear it again with the perfect black maxi that I ordered from TEAR-get this weekend. Possibly tomorrow. I'm just sayin.
2. Kristen Wiig: Girlfriend is FUNNY. If you haven't seen Bridesmaids yet, DO IT. Here's a lil clip of her for your viewing pleasure. P.S. - Kristin - if you find yourself in this blog and want another screen writing partner for your next movie - drop me a line. I will be HAPPY to get a copy of "Screen Writing For Dummies..."

3. Music: Maybe I've hit my mid-life crisis early, but I cannot get enough Fleetwood Mac and Stevie Nicks lately. Or maybe my new vestie vest just makes me think of Stevie. Whatever it is, I am so NOSTALGIC for them. Listening to them lately is just bittersweet. Takes me back to high school. I love how music can just immediately transport you to a time in your life when a song first resonated with you.

4. Forever 21: That is one-stop shopping at its finest, peeps. I think except for my shoes and earrings, everything I'm wearing today is from F21.
5. Winterize effect in Picnik: Should actually be called "This effect makes you look WAY better than the original photo does."

6. Walking down the stairs holding on to my kiddos' wee hands. So precious. I love that they want to hold Mommy's hand. I also love that they have been calling the song Mamma Mia "Mommy Mia." Sigh. My heart....

Vest, Dress, Bracelets: F21
Shoes: Newport News
Ring: Charming Charlie's



Linda Rose said...

oh my gosh, i love that you love the target lady too! she is my absolute favorite!
well if that's not just classic peg...

MerciBlahBlah said...

Linda - are you kidding? I LOVE the TEEEAR-get lady. She cracks me up!


charming said...

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