Thursday, June 30, 2011

WWD: Stuff We Would Kiss On the Mouf

Pinterest, Pinterest, how do I love thee? I came across this photo a few days ago:

via here
and was inspired to knock it off

I know, I know - it's not exact, but the colors and the silhouette are. The vintage scarf is courtesy of my homegirl Natty Lite.

This is a short and sweet post today, but I thought I'd share three of my favorite cheap things:
Faded Glory tanks from Wal Fart. Yes, I said Wal Fart. And Faded Glory. I can't help it. I have tried tanks from Old Navy, Target, and random other places, and the Faded Glory ones are my faves. It doesn't hurt that they aren't even $4 each. I like the length, the thickness (I swear, I AM talking about tanks here and not something else, you pervy wankers). I have them in a variety of colors. I think the tanks from Target are too thin, and the tanks from Old Navy shrink up too much. These are juuuust right.

What else did I score on my recent visit to The Fart?

L'oreal Carbon Black Liquid Liner: Love. This. Stuff. I have been wanting a liquid liner, and came across this one, and I really like L'oreal products. It seems to dry instantly, and  unless my contacts are acting up and my eyes are watering all over the damn place, the liner stays put. What ELSE do you love, Shannan?

L'oreal Voluminous mascara in Carbon Black. Again with the Carbon Black. I had never heard of it, but I HAVE used Voluminous in the past, and it is definitely my favorite drugstore brand mascara by a long shot. This product also seems to dry very quickly, which is good.

What are YOUR favorite el cheapo items? Come onnn, you KNOW you want to tell...

Tank: Wal Fart
Skirt: Liz Claiborne, consignment
Scarf: vintage, gift
Belt: Target
Shoes: Vicky's Secret
Rings: F21
Earrings: Design Spark



Mommy Moxie said...

LOVE this outfit-both the inspiration and yours. I have a coral skirt that I can't wait to style...maybe this, no? ;)

As for drug store makeup, definitely Voluminous mascara. I've tried all kinds of mascara and this is by far my favorite. That and Rimmel eyeliner. They have a soft one that smudges wonderfully and is something like $4. I think I have one in every color.

I'll have to check out those tanks...hopefully they run long!

Paula said...

Love this outfit, the inspiration, and oh, the shoes... they are gorgeous! Feel free to send them to me anytime!

And thank you sweet time suck, I mean Pinterest, for endless hours gone from my life. I can't stop!

oomph. said...

before i even scrolled down, was thinking your eye makeup was pretty damn sweet. i ran oyt of my elf eyeliner pen and have been looking for a replacement....but i think it was a buck! major el cheapo!