Wednesday, June 22, 2011

WWD: The Flamingo

Get it? Cuz I'm standing with one leg up like a flamingo????? Come ON. Man, I feel like I have sucked lately. Like I'm phoning it in, only I don't mean to. I really love blogging, but some days/weeks/months it's like my funny bone just plum fell out or something.

Ahhh, to be back at that point in my life when all I wanted out of it was a pink '57 T-Bird convertible witih leopard print interior, license plates "FLAMNGO." True story.
Don't think I wouldn't get it if I were to ever hit the lottery. It's the first thing I would spend it on, just behind college funds times three, new home for the 'rents, winter home in Laguna, and a Chi flat iron.
What??? I just can't justify spending $100+ on hair tools at this point in my life.
Tis the reason why some days my entire ensemble is courtesy of Target or F21. And by courtesy I mean "courtesy of Shannan's wallet via Target or F21." Come ON, Target and F21 - Lord knows I have pimped you out a BEJILLION times. Can you pony up SOMETHING for the free advertising????
And while I'm asking, how about you, Christian Louboutin? I have always wanted a pair of leopard print Loubs. Hey - add those to the lottery list above.
And let's throw in Balenciaga, Burberry, and Lanvin while we're at it. Oh, who the hell are we kidding? I'm not picky. I'd take free stuff from Dickies or Carhartt if they offered.
So what would YOU do with the money if you hit it big? Share. This is a safe place.

Shirt: F21 (duh)
Shorts: Target (double duh)
Jacket: The Limited
Shoes: J Simpson Dany's
Necklace: vintage, via eBay
Earrings: F21 (see above)
Bracelets: F21, Macy's




That necklace is BANANAS!! Love the whole outfit!


oomph. said...

a fellow blogger once told me shopping at f21 is "thrifty" i hit that place up for thrift goodies all the time!

i'd buy my first balenciaga city bag, hehe.

btw, my boy is three...if i remember our posts correctly, he is only weeks apart from yours...april.

this free bird said...

a. buy a house
b. find SOMEONE who would sell their caramel danys to me. i spent 47385635275897978574 hours this past month trying to track a pair in size 6. epic fail


MerciBlahBlah said...

Amy - thanks mama!

Becks - Oooooh, a city bag. NICE.

Carrie - DOH! I am sure you'll come across them eventually!

Peetzi Jen said...

I'd buy that necklace right off yer neck. It's fabulicious!!