Monday, June 20, 2011

WWD: Exotic?

This weekend we took The Trips to an exotic animal sanctuary with camels, zebras, deer, chimps, buffalo, and the like which, frankly, creeped me out.

Maybe it was the story in the news recently about the woman who got a face transplant after a neighbor's chimp tore her face off, or maybe it was the fact that for some reason, the sanctuary reminded me more of Deliverance for animals.

I don't know - something about a baby monkey in a doll's dress and a diaper just skeeves me out a bit. Or the orangutan who had a GIANT woody as we walked up to his cage. Or the cat who walked into the goat's pen and sauntered over, dropping his front legs with arse in the air right in front of the goat waiting to be...errrr..."groomed..."
I know, I know - it's all part of the circle of life, yada yada - I guess I would just rather be at a nice clean zoo with separate men's and women's restrooms rather than one "His-n-Hers" with a dead fly in the toilet and a urinal on the wall, not to mention the bald-headed kid playing banjo when you drive up.
Okay - I lied about the banjo, but The Hubs swears he heard what sounded like an 80 year old man trapped in an 8 year old's body on the phone when he went to buy food to feed the animals (the actual animals, not The Trips).
Meh, maybe it's just me. I don't want to sound like a snob. The people who owned/worked there were very nice, and their calling in life is to rescue these animals. I'm interested to hear what anyone else thinks, if you have visited similar places. Is it just me, or would you rather go to the zoo?
Speaking of exotic animal, check out the reflection of kitty Pickles' eyes on the floor above. CREEPY.

I know you've seen this outfit before fairly recently, but these are better photos, and I am lazy, so SUE ME.
Top: JC Penny
Shorts: The Limited
Shoes: Target
Necklace: Urban Outfitters
Earrings: Ladies night clothing swap
Ring: Charming Charlie's



Carly said...

Regardless of when you wore them ( and I think I commented last time around too) I LOVE those damn shorts...they are awesome..I NEED to hit up limited....they have some great staple wardrobe pieces and usually on super duper sale.

oomph. said...

the shorts are 'em off! never been to a sanctuary...maybe i'm lucky we don't have one here? hehe.

Terri said...

Beautiful shorts. I've never been to an animal rescue so I can't compare, but there is a cool Cat Conservatory east of Louisburg and it is a fun place to get UP CLOSE with the tigers.