Thursday, June 23, 2011

Um, YUM.

I'll say it - I smell. Good. I SMELL GOOD. You've prolly noticed that I have a lil Apothica link up there on the top left, and it is because they are a gracious sponsor (btw - if anyone else wants to become a sponsor of little old me, drop me a line and we can work something out). But enough about me. Let's talk Apothica again. 

They have stuff. A LOT of stuff. Like, beauty and makeup and fragrance and hurr and everything in between stuff. So I was a little overwhelmed when I first went to the site, but in a good way. 

Being the perfume whooore that I am, I knew I wanted to try something new to me, so the TokyoMilk brand caught my eye right off the bat. They have all kinds of yummy scents, like Gin & Rosewater, Honey & The Moon, Paper & Cotton, and even Poe's Tobacco No. 1, but Dead Sexy is what really appealed to me. It's a little hippie, and a little heavier than I normally wear during summer, but is delish nonetheless, a blend of vanilla, exotic wood, orchid, and ebony. Sign me up for somma dat.

The next lil goodie that caught my eye was the Too Faced Naked Eye kit, a palatte of loverly nudie shades for your ocular region, and some smudgey smokey colors to sex things up a bit. Not only that, but you get three cards that give instructions on different looks: Day, Classic, and Fashion. I LOVE this kit, and could see how one could prolly get away with packing only this for one's eyeballs on a trip, if one weren't a wee bit one REALLLLLY might have a need for purple shadow, teal eyeliner and royal blue mascara. Not me, but some people might feel that way when packing. ANYHOOZLE, if ya'll haven't moseyed over to Apothica yet, and you're in need of some pampering, ch-ch-check them out. They'll leave the light on for you.


oomph. said...

thanks for this! recently won a GC and have no idea what to get...there's so many things! may check out the perfume...if not just for the cool bottle!