Friday, June 17, 2011

FBFF: Let's EAT!

I haven't participated in a good old fashioned FBFF in waaaay too long, and today's topic was right up my alley - FOOD. Specifically, my favorite thing to make in summer. Well, imma tell it to you straight - I just figured out how to grill pizza, and I told The Hubs earlier in the week - get ready to have a lot of pizza, cuz not only is it easy peasy, it is DELISH, and I can't wait to experiment with different combos.

Unfortch, the only one I have captured photographically before it got in my belly was the Hawaiian Pizza I made.


Hawaiian Pizza
Preheat grill, and once hot turn down to medium or even a little lower (learn from my mistake and do NOT leave it up high, as the pizza will FUSE itself to the grill)...

1 thin Boboli or similar pizza crust
Roughly 1/2 jar or can pizza sauce
Canadian Bacon
Buffalo mozzarella, sliced 1/4 inch (I got a log of mozzarella at Costco)
Fresh pineapple, grilled

First, I decided to grill my pineapple before I put it on da pizza. To do this, peel the pineapple and slice into approximately 1/2-inch rings. Slap those babies onto the grill until they get some good grill marks on both sides. Leave aside to cool, then cut into smaller pieces. TRY not to eat them all as your are slicing and dicing.

Build your 'Za. Spread on sauce, then mozzarella, Canadian bacon, more mozzarella, then pineapple. Put pizza on a large-ish piece of aluminum foil (the foil will help it a) not burn quite so quickly, and b) give you a bit of a handle to pick up if you need to turn it while it cooks. Close the grill lid. I set my timer for 10 minutes, but then basically stood there and babied it while it cooked, espesh since the first one got away from me pretty quickly. That's it. The bottom of the crust had some nice grill marks on it, the mozzarella was soft and a teeny bit ooooozey (in a good way), and I am sorry, but that pizza was GOOOOOD.

Some other taste explosions I have made on ye olde grill include:
Sundried Tomato Pesto (Archer Farms from Target)
leftover grilled veggies (zucchini, squash, asparagus and roasted tomatoes)
feta and mozzarella


Sundried Tomato Pesto
Roasted Chicken
Goat Cheese and Feta
Kalamata Olives

I am also hankering to try a dessert pizza of some sort, but haven't come up with just the right combo yet. I'll share when I do. One more quick thang - one of my favorite summer salads is a watermelon, arugula and feta salad with a balsamic dressing, and it would be tasty with any of the above.

So tell me - what is YOUR go-to summer recipe? Share. This is a safe place.



two birds said...

yum! grilled pineapple is the best!

Danielle Celeste Couture said...

That looks so good I could eat my monitor.

Kimberlee said...

haha welcome back to FBFF! Pizza is so great because you can add different items depending on people's preferences :)