Thursday, May 5, 2011


For those of you playing at home, you can fill in the answers to the question above with the words "pooped" and "the sink." I WISH I was lyin. Apparently, the boyz in the hood thought it would be appropriate? funny? the right place to do it? when they climbed up into the sink in their room last night to drop a deuce.

I'm just warning you now - this post is all about poop. Or rather, potty training. We have been potty training The Trips for a while now, and I haven't been too stressed out about it. The kiddos have actually been doing pretty well, and surprisingly the boys have done better than Scarlett overall. They have been letting me know when they have to poop and have actually gone in the potty more often than not, it seems.
Granted, we are using ye olde "you get one M&M if you go number one in the potty, and two M&Ms if you go number two," so on most days, Simon especially will jump on the toilet, grunt and strain and grab the sides of the bowl for leverage and squeeze out a turdlet that is about the size of an M&M. We have tried to put a stop to that by just giving him one M&M based on size (am I REALLY blogging about this today????), but some days it just isn't worth the fight. Way to be consistent, mom and dad.
Well, last night when The Hubs was putting them to bed, he came downstairs quickly, and I asked, "Are they already in bed?!" incredulously, because typically the process takes approximately 48 minutes, with no less than three visits back upstairs from The Hubs or me to tell them to knock it off, lay down, be quiet and go to sleep.
"NO!" The Hubs shouted. It was then I noticed the vein throbbing in his forehead. "THEY POOPED IN THE SINK!!!" I said, "What? The? Eff?" and he said, "The boys. Climbed up into the sink together and pooped." He was shaking a little as he said it, so I headed up, where they had crawled under their beds to hide.
"SIMON AND GAVIN - GET OUT FROM UNDER YOUR BEDS NOOOOOW!" I shouted. What can I say? I'm a shouter in situations like this. "YOU DO NOT POOP IN THE SINK! YOU ONLY POOP IN THE TOILET! YOU ARE LUCKY DADDY DID NOT SPANK YOUR HEINIES!" The Hubs walked back in at that point with more cleaning supplies. "I did spank them."
DOH! I thought - The Hubs is always Good Cop in the house - he was WAY pissed.
At that point I left The Situation Room, let The Hubs finish up. Normally I would've stayed up to help, but yesterday, the first day back at work, had WIPED me out. I was so swollen and bloated I rolled myself back down the stairs to prop my feet up on the couch. Seriously, the swelling after this surgery feels like it did when I was pregnant - hard as a rock. Blech. The Hubs came down a few minutes later. A couple of hours later, after dinner, Modern Family, Cougar Town, and an episode of The Hills, we looked at each other, shook our heads, and said, "IN THE SINK???"
Shirt: Quicksilver
Skirt: F21, old as the hills
Pumps: Vince Camuto
Necklaces, Bracelets: F21
Ring: Charming Charlie's
Earrings: Design Spark


Corie said...

I'm new to your blog and after reading this short happening...I'm now hooked. That's umm...crazy that the boys pooped in the sink. I'm so happy those years are behind me now.

But I have to say that I love your style, & your stories. I'm definitely a new fan.


Natasha said...

Was the sinky all stinky???

Brassy said...

I need a minute. Or 20.

I. LOVE. THIS. All of it. Love the outfit, love the poops, love The Hubs, love hiding under the beds, love the spanked heinies.

Well told. I thank you from the bottom of my heart, because whatever my kids do to me today, I will now be able to deal.

Paula said...

Ha, we went from Poop Watch 2011 to Poop Patrol 2011! I am seriously giggling over this story! We just got done with potty-training our little guy and had a similar incident, too.

And love the outfit!


Oh how glamorous being a parent is! I just told a friend yesterday that I am SICK to death of talking about and dealing with bodily fluids. Your story made me laugh....mostly cuz I wasn't the one cleaning up!


Linda said...

i just spend far too long catching up on this weeks posts. seriously, the sink!?! ha ha! i mean, that is something you can tell their future wives. :) good story. sorry it actually had to happen though.

next order of business. how do you feel? are you doing good? i feel like you're skipping over that part! i want to know!

You look absolutely fabulous! and you're so brave for wearing those amazing shoes. i'd be in the closest thing to a sweatsuit. but i'm so glad you're not!


Carly said...

ah, the things I have to look forward too...dear lord...shit in the sink, for REAL?

Anyway...onto more important shit like YOUR SHOES! LOVE LOVE LOVE.

Happy weekend.


oh em frickin gee is it wrong that I am laughing hysterically right now?! I only laugh because I was watching my niece and she decided to squat and shat on the carpet...of course that would happen on my watch. WTF?! Oh the joys of children....

On to are looking HOT sister!! Loving those shoes...xo

Jenny said...

Okay, here's a bright side - at least they WANT to poop with no diaper on. My girl, not so much. She could care less about this whole potty training business. Just will not do it at all. She'll be going off to college in depends at this rate. See, it's all about the bright side.

PS - you are looking fab!!!

MerciBlahBlah said...

Corie - so glad you found MBB. Hope you stick around!

Paula - so there are OTHER kids pooping in sinks besides mine? That is kind of reassuring, for some reason...

Linda - thank you!! I was not sure how I'd do in my heels, but they're really not bad. I am feeling MUCH better, thank you, and am working up my nerve to post some pre- and post-op photos. I am going to do it, but it's just scary thinking I'm REALLY going to be all out there with those photos. Everyday feels better, and thank GOD I'm not really walking with a hunch anymore. I'm getting antsy to start working out again, but know I need to take it easy to avoid any setbacks!!

Carly, Nicole - thanks yourselves, hot mamas!

Jenny - oh, they want to poop anywhere...they're not picky AT ALL. Sigh. Good luck with your girl!!