Tuesday, May 10, 2011

WWD: Stuck In A Rut

This morning it hit me: I get stuck in a rut a lot. No, I'm not talking about getting stuck in a rut like an ex boyfriend in college who lived out in the sticks, and one laaaate night after boozing it up, drove his truck part of the way home before deciding it probably wasn't a good idea to be driving, so he stopped on a back road (we're talking gravel dirt road) and hoofed it the rest of the way home. When he got up the next morning his dad asked where his truck was, and they couldn't find it. They had to go driving around until they found it, stopped in the middle of the road, door open, running.

But I'm not talking about getting my car stuck in ruts in the back roads up yonder (yonder is Dogpatch for "a good distance from here," just as "you'ins" is Dogpatch for "ya'll"), and as my family hails from Dogpatch, I am fluent in it. What da hail ARE you talking about, Shannan, you may be scratching your a$$ and wondering?
I'll tell you what: BREAKFAST.
Now that you're THOROUGHLY confused, let me 'splain. I find something I like for breakfast and eat it and eat it and eat it until I can't eat it anymore. A few years ago it was cinnamon waffles, Fage yogurt, honey and peaches. Then it was toast with smooshed avocado, sea salt, and swiss cheese (thanks to my friend Gina).
For a while it was a smoothie with Fage, skim, bananas, vanilla, protein powder and honey. Then Fage with clementines and honey (I'm sensing a theme here).
As of this morning, it is ricotta cheese, strawberries, and toast with almond butter and honey.
On the weekends it is two poached eggs on toast, lightly buttered, with sea salt and cracked pepper.
I will eat the hell outta the poached eggs and ricotta breakfasts until I'm sick of them and have to find something else to obsess on, breakfastorially speaking. Something I am NOT obsessed about? The damn compression binder that I have to wear for 2 - 4 more weeks. Seriously, peeps, it is driving me NUTSO. It comes up to just under my bewbs, and has bike shorts on bottom that come to just above my knees. If I try to roll the legs up when I want to wear something shorter, it practically cuts the circulation off in my legs and they shrivel up and fall off. I ain't even lyin. I've had to have them reattached twice now. Thanks a lot, doc. 
And for my sister, who said, "I think you should wait until summer to have your tummy tuck," I say "ARE YOU CRAZY????" Hopefully it won't be too frigging hot in the next few weeks as I continue to wear this damn thing (though it was 92 yesterday, so I don't have much hope). I say let's get it OVER with so I'm out of it and into a swimsuit by the time the pools open.
So back to my original topic - am I the only one who obsesses over my b-fast? Please tell me there are others of us out there. Share. This is a safe place. And if you can give me some ideas for my next breakfast while you're at it, I'd appreciate it. 

EDIT: Oh hey - lookit that - it's Everybody Everwear today, and the theme is florals.  And I just happen to be wearing a floral! Serendipity! Check it out here!

Florals | Everybody, Everywear
Chambray shirt: JC Penny
Dress: Target
Shoes: Target
Necklace, Rings, Bracelet: F21
Earrings: World Market
Belt: Target



Style Journey said...

What a great outfit! Just found your blog. I eat a banana for breakfast everyday. You think I would get sick of bananas! Maybe I am part monkey?

Marie a la Mode said...

Love the dress, it's perfect on you! I eat the same thing for breakfast everyday - raisin oatmeal or toast. Borrrriiiiiing! I hope we still get to see before and after pics of your belly!

oomph. said...

love the denim and florals and your jewels! great necklace. i don't have time to eat in the am, so for me it's PBJs during the week. i actually love cereal & oatmeal, so i have those on the weekends when i actually have time to eat + cinnamon toast. i usually have my fage & fruit as an evening snack!



mmmm...I can get down on some poached eggs to girl! Deelish. And when I was a kid my mama would make rye toast with ricotta....so good!


P.S. that dress looks smokin on you!

Jenny said...

Oh heck yeah, I get into major breakfast ruts. Let's see there was the peanut butter sandwich crackers and diet coke (this was during my healthy eating phase obviously - ha!), one kind of cereal for a month and then switch, peanut butter on whole wheat toast, etc. Breakfast seems to be the meal for a rut, I blame being tired and being on auto pilot in the mornings :o) Looking good lady!

Brittney said...

ummmm...i think you're the gourmet-iest breakfaster around. me? i eat whatever kind of cereal we've got (unless it's cap'n crunch, which it is now, because that grosses me out) or toast or pancakes or french toast. but only if my daughter begs me to make the last two. i'd get in a rut, too, if my b-fasts were as delish as yours!
p.s. LOVE the shoes, the dress, the whole thing. you can come live at my house for the next two weeks--i had to crank the heater today, it's so cold. something wrong in the universe...

Cathy said...
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