Friday, May 6, 2011

WWD/FBFF: Shoes Glorious Shoes

Hey - lookit that - I'm wearing straight hurr today. I have never been an adventurous hair person. I see girls wearing their hair up one day, in the blogger bun, in a sleek ponytail, curled, straight, braided, and I just can't do it. I mean, I CAN do those styles, but my hair is such a security blanket to me that I get stuck in a rut and never deviate from what is most comfortable to me.

I'm not going to continue down the hair road today though, since it's FBFF Friday, and I haven't participated in many a moon, and hair is a topic coming up in a week or two, and today's topic is actually SHOES, something which I LOVE to vary.
You might not think so, seeing as how I'm wearing my J. Simp Dany's YET AGAIN, but dawg, I had these jeans hemmed specifically to wear with them, so thas what you get today.
Anyhoozle, let's get to somma da questions, shall we?
1. What is your go-to pair of shoes? Well - I think we've established that about eleventy five times already. My Dany's are perfection. Love them with jeans, skirts, dresses, scuba suits....WAIT A MINUTE...I would NEVER wear them with a scuba suit. I only wear my marabou feathered slippers with a scuba suit.
2. What goes into your shoe-buying decision? Hmmmm, well that's a toughie...let's see, I consider if I LIKE them, and if I can AFFORD them. And then I PURCHASE them.
3. The majority of shoes in your closet are what color? I don't really feel like I have an overabundance of any color. I am inclusive of ALL colors of shoes.
4. When it comes to designer shoes, what brands are your favorite and why? Let me state for the record I do not own ANY designer shoes, sadly (so if any designers who I am about to name read this and want to gift me a pair or two, I would gladly traipse all over town in any and all of them). I mean, come on, who doesn't love Christian Louboutin? I also love Casedi, Pour La Victoire, Miu Miu, Brian Atwood, Giuseppi Zanotti, I could go on. The bottom line to me is that gorgeous shoes are works of art. They are jewelry for your feet. They can take the simplest outfit and elevate it to something amazing.
5. If price wasn't an issue, which shoe would you own? Well any of the above, for starters, but probably my dream shoe would be a leopard print Louboutin pump, because to me it's  the pinnacle of glamour.

My outfit today is a complete ripoff of one I saw on Oomph here (but I like hers better because her slouchy tank is WAY cooler than my Target tee). If you haven't perused Oomph, she is a fellow Dany-lover, and girlfriend has some DOPE clothing configurations. Taste the rainbow.
White Tux Jacket: JCP
Tee: Target
Jeans: Gap
Shoes: J Simp Dany's
Snake necklace, Ring: Charming Charlie's
Other necklace: Have no clue
Earrings: F21



this outfit is the FIRE SAUCE! Lurve it and the white blazer is the perrrfect addition. xo

Danielle said...

Classic wearable too cool for school, i'm here to make you drool Outfit

heidiluxe said...

HOT. from the jacket to the T. i vet steven tyler would want to borrow it from you. i mean that in the best way possible.

oomph. said...

aw, sweet! thank you! i actually love your version...the tee is so rock n roll, and you know i love a bit of rock n roll! do consider the straight hair more often...i LURVE it!!

StyleID said...

Love the outfit! very cool.
You have a new partner in your love for Dannys ... as you saw got my pearl pair and already walked 1/2 Miami in them.
I have not see you with a 'bad hair' day yet so both curly and straight looks good PLUS your hair is amazing, looks really thick.

Have a great weekend!

Carly said...

TOT agree- shoes can make or break an outfit. I have some really $$ ones and some really inexpensive ones....I wear them all...but I walk a little taller and more fabulous when I am wearing the $$ ones....
just being honest.
LOVE your necklaces...that longer one w the clear stone...great length and layering is goes w everything.'