Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Driving back to the office from lunch today, I was behind a car with a few bumper stickers. There was the ever-present and always faithful "Semper Fi," and then, there was of course "I Love Vagina."


Did a quick check-o-the-driver and was fully expecting a teenaged male. Uh, no, not so much. Middle-aged lady driver in the hizzouse!

Quick check back at the bumper sticker to see if it may have said "Monologues" in tiny print under the word "Vagina." Negatory, ghost rider. The pattern is full. Full of love for bajingo, apparently.

There are all kinds of ridic bumper stickers out there: "My other ride is your mom;" "My kid can beat your honor student up;" and my personal least-favorite, "Silly boys, trucks are for girls." Until today, howevs, I had yet to see someone declare their love for a hoo-hoo, a twat, a vagine, a cooch, a vajay-jay.

I immediately wondered, "Is she an OB/GYN?" True story. I can't hep it. I also can't hep that I think it's more than a little funny that I'm relating this story when I'm dressed like Ellen Degeneres. Go on witcho love for the lady parts, my lesbian sistahs.

I just PERSONALLY think there might be a better way to express said love than that very clinical bumper sticker. I'm happy to take suggestions in the comments.
Shirt: The Hubs
Pants: Proenza Schouler for Target
Shoes: Thrifted
Necklaces: Thrifted, F21
Belt: Gap?
Urrings: F21


kenzi said...

I just received your message via IFB and though I'd stop in and say "hello"!

Love the outfit! Menswear but yet feminine with the necklaces!

The bumper sticker story made me laugh. I just bought a car a few weeks ago. Its obvious the previous owner was a young male. Its a nice little Civic. But it is super low to the ground (which I am getting corrected), has racing seats in it (which are amazingly comfy!!), has a loud exhaust, and best of all had "The Shocker" hand gesture stickers on it. Those came off IMMEDIATELY even though my bf begged me to keep them on.


StyleID said...

Bumper stickers can ease the ride, that is for sure!
You look beautiful with that preppy/ relax/ modern look.
Great styling.


Brassy said...

"Conserve energy...fart in a jar"

On a rusted out old pick-up.

Obviously I took a picture, framed it and hung it in a discreet location in my home. And gave one to my brother for Christmas. The battled, dumpy truck makes the vinyette.

I lurve this look, and you pull it off in spades, very very cute--with a perfect dash of sexy-mama. The necklaces make it POP.

This is the first time I've been back on your bliggity in well over a week...I've got some catching up to do.

MerciBlahBlah said...

Kenzi - glad you stopped by and had a laugh. I don't know what is going on with Blogger comments, but I swear I just replied to this a few minute ago and it's not here now. Suffice it to say I am old so I had to google The Shocker, and Great Odon's Raven - I was shocked indeed!!!

Style - awww, thanks mamacita!

Brassy - YAY - you're back! And you're quoting fart-related bumper stickers! What could be better? Now get your catch-up ON.


oomph. said...

totally HIGHlarious. isn't it funny how we immediately look at the driver?? i haven't seen any good ones lately, but now i'll be on the lookout!

love those tassel necklaces and shoes!


Linda Rose said...

that is ridiculous!
you look awesome. :)

Natassja said...

oh my goodness this post was hilarious! True story: I've seen that same bumper sticker. On the back of a pickup truck. Driven by a middle-aged mom type. I was so confused!

Vale ♥ said...

I am loving your outfit ! Looking good ! Yeah, some bumper stickers are really funny...it's not very common to see them in Italy - where I live !. I mostly see them in american movies anyway :)
I am following your blog cause it's awesome ! If you like my blog and wanna follow it too, I'll be delighted ! Kisses