Monday, May 16, 2011

WWD: Happy Birthday

The Trips are three today, and I can't believe how fast the past 3 years have flown by. You always have parents tell you, "Enjoy the time, because before you know it, you'll turn around and they'll be stealing money from your wallet to buy a 40 ounce from the local loser who graduated a few years ahead of everyone but hangs around to provide alcohol to the kids still in high school," and it is so true. Or not. Maybe they just said "you'll turn around and they'll be 10," and I heard it differently. What IS true is that this time 3 years ago I was just ending a 2.5 month stint on hospital bed rest, or as I like to refer to it, "crazy time."

Oh, what I would give for just a week of bed rest now, with people to wait on my hand and foot, though I could do without the hospital food.
What is REALLY scary is how old I'll be in 7 more years. Let's not even utter the number here, but suffice it to say I will have to subscribe to More magazine, instead of hiding it inside a copy of Nylon to read at the hairdresser (I have to say - More has the BEST recipes - but don't take my word for it, check a few of them here, and here  for your damn self).
Yes, I know they're both cookie recipes, but they're COOKIES FOR GROWN-UPS. They are amazing effing cookies. And if you scroll through on that first link you'll eventually get to the Salted Caramel Cookies, which I have yet to make, but I'm pretty sure they're da bomb. Trust.
So back to the birthday celebration...we celebrated yesterday with just my parents and grandma. I had decided a few weeks ago that since this may be the last time we can get away with having a small birthday party instead of a lavish $40,000 affair on the back lawn with croquet, fancy hats, finger sandwiches and a surprise Maltese puppy (thanks Taylor from Real Housewives of wherever for the idea), that we were just going to do it easy and minimal.
Pizza, cupcakes, and presents. And really, the presents were kind of minimal too, because their big gift is a wooden swing set which I have yet to purchase.
Cut me some slack, people! I've been recouping from surgery! Don't worry - they'll get their swing set, complete with fort, climbing wall, and sandbox.
Enough of that. Happy birthday to my three little birds.
To Simon: My Mommy's Boy who is tough but likes to wear princess dresses. May you not end up a closet cross-dresser (though we will love you no matter what).

To Scarlett: My Girly-Girl who is already fighting with me about what she wants to wear. The sins of the mother really ARE visited on one, aren't they?

To Gavie Doodle - My monkey who can look you in the eye with the sweetest grin while knocking off a convenience store at the same time.

Mommy loves you, three little birds. You are my heart.

Shirt: Bebe from consignment
Pants: Target
Shoes: J Simp Dany's
Bag: Old Navy
Necklace: Vintage, eBay
Rings, Bracelet: F21
Earrings: ????



406 Olivia said...

Pretty sure I got those same Target skinnies on clearance for $6.24 and I love them. Also loving this color on you and when you talk about your chilluns. Happy birthday, Trips!


this free bird said...

I'm so relieved to see you out of bed. Hot damn you are looking fantastic and girl I cannot believe you have 3 kids never mind triplets. You look like you're 32. Cling to it mama...CLING.

Happy Birthday to your kidlets!


Marie a la Mode said...

Happy Birthday to your triplets who are sooo cute by the way! My nephew turns 3 next week. I remember the day he was born, it doesn't seem that long ago. Man how time flies/travels. In 7 years you'll be 40 right? 40's the new 20 so don't worry ; )

Beth said...

Happy Birthday to the trips! Yippee!
PS- You look FAB-U-LOUS!
PPS- Your necklace needs to get out because it's ridiculous.



I lovvvvved this post! The happiest of birthdays to the trips...they are the cauuuuutest! xo

P.S. I NEED that necklace.

SGM said...

Happy bday to the big ol' trips!

You are looking so GOOD and beautiful and happy, Shans and I am not saying that just b/c I too pretend I am not looking at More when I really am.

Lucyana Mendes said...

HI! Loved your shoes!!!!!!!

Following you from Portugal*

Jackie said...

First of all-this outfit rocks my socks. You look amazing girl! Second of all-I read More mag sometimes and I like the articles too! And I'm 29, so there ya have it. Third-Happy bday to the trips! My Kara turns 3 on Sunday and I am having a bit of a mommy meltdown. I know 3 as being that true turning point of cute sweet little babydom really checking out the front door. Sads.

oomph. said...

they are exactly one month younger than mini-he. he turned three on april 16th. happy bday to them! actually, after my daughter, i don't throw big parties any more. at all! the family comes over and spends the day, we eat, we sing, the end. haha.

looking fabulous. as i mentioned on yesterday's post, i'm loving these huge necklaces. love yours with the hint of blue.

Brianna {four if by sea} said...

hope your surgery recovery is going well, and happy birthday to your sweet littles. Mine turned three one day after yours :)

Jenny said...

Happy Birthday to them (a little late)! My girl turns 3 on 6/15. Growing up so fast...